Back to the ol’ rockpile

Posted: March 26, 2007 in life

So much for being off. It’s sunday night and I’m about to end this weekend by going to bed. How sad. I really hate going to work on Monday. It’s so painful.

Although I didn’t do anything fun, I had a good weekend. I did my taxes and found that I’ll be getting a lot of my money back. By my standards, it’s a lot of money. As usual, I’ll just put it in the bank and sit on it. I never do anything fun with my refunds. I guess I’ve grown up.

  1. laanba says:

    Ohhh…. is that what it means to be grown up? Er… I’m definitely not a grown up then because I spend mine! Then again I don’t have a daughter to look after. You should at least take the two of you out one night to a nice restaurant, or a show or something fun. I’m sure it will only be a fraction of what you have saved, but create a wonderful memory.

    Never mind me though. School starts in an hour so I’m falling into lecture mode. 🙂

  2. Greg says:

    Oh my God, Laurie you don’t know how much I want to spend that money! I desperately want a digital piano. There is also another item I need that, although more practical, I’ve managed to get by without.

    What I failed to mention is that after the refund comes in we’re a bit more liberal in our spending for a few months. We do pretty much what you suggested and you’re dead on when you say it’s only a fraction of the amount. We do have a little fun with it at first. I’m just not comfortable going out and blowing it in one afternoon. Or week. Like you said, I’ve got one daughter still here. I think it’s more important to have that cushion in the bank account.

    Now, about your last statement . . . I laughed my butt off!

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