Posted: April 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

This is the time of year that I actually start enjoying life again. The Earth and everything on it comes out of a near-death coma and jumps back to life. Every year. It also means to me that my favorite season of all, summer, is almost here. I hate winter. It’s painful. To all the “winter texans” who roll in to the Rio Grande Valley in their mobile homes and stay all winter and anyone from the northern states who make fun of us for bitching about our winter weather I say this: Just try spending an entire summer down here with us -> tough guys.

The first sure signs of spring truly boost my morale. This is not an exaggeration. It brings me out of my own winter coma and restores my enthusiasm for life. The first sign I get is a deep, mystic type feeling when the weather changes. The same happens in the fall. But the visual signs of spring and summer are equally moving. Like the first june bug you see fly twenty feet only to smack into a wall or window or nose-dive into the pavement. Bluebonnets, Indian paint brush and all the other Texas wildflowers that suddenly appear overnight. The first sound of the grasshoppers chirping at night in your flower beds. The looney-assed male Grackles doing thier horizontal, fluffed up feathered strut for the typically uninterested females.

What I always look forward to is the beach. Two of my favorite things in this world are long days on the beach and in the surf and long nights on the beach around a fire. I was thinking about going this weekend for the first time this year but it looks like the weather may not be right. That’s okay, the water is still in the low seventies anyway.


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