Posted: April 19, 2007 in miscellaneous

I feel like I’ve been beaten with a baseball bat and my hands and arms are all cut up. My hamstrings, triceps and the area around the waist and up the back is so sore I was moving like an old man today. Before I go on, I need to say that this does not bother me in the least. It just makes me keenly aware of those particular muscles.

This is all because of what happened yesterday at work. I was closing a water valve and the copper pipe was so old and thin that it snapped right in half. It was attached to the water main so I was instantly soaked to the bone from head to toe immediately. This was at a motel near the Texas Medical Center on Main street which caters to seriously ill patients who have to come here to Houston for their treatment and I now I have to shut the water down to the whole property without any notice to the guests. If that’s not bad enough, it was right at noon which means housekeeping is still running all the washing machines.

Considering that and the fact that water is gushing from the main line and flooding the sidewalk, there is no time to think about an easy, more comfortable way of getting the water shut off without just diving in and finding the city shut off valve. It wasn’t where it was supposed to be so I had to use my hands to dig up the shut off valve while trying to keep my head above the water. The so-called dirt on top of the valve was some really raunchy fill dirt full of sharp rocks, glass and other objects. That’s why my hands and arms are all cut up.

After finding the valve and closing it, I had to get rid of all the water covoring what needed to be repaired. I am not a plumber so I don’t have a sump pump. I had to scoop all the water out and throw it as far as I could so it wouldn’t run back in. I did it with a five gallon bucket. Water weighs 8.34 lbs/gal. 8.34 x 5 = 41.7 pounds. I have no idea how many times I tossed that as far as I could, but it was very many, very far and as fast as I could do it. After that I got to go home because I can’t very well see any more customers while I’m soaking wet and covored in mud and there isn’t time enough for me to change and get back out to the field.

On to another subject. The apartment complex daughter and I live in gave us notice last Friday that they would be conducting inspections in all the units for insurance purposes relating to the foundation. I don’t know if that was true or if they were just using that as an excuse to peek inside all the units. The point is that we’re breaking some rules here. When my daughter moved in with me after the divorce I agreed to sneak her two stupid cats in here. I did that because she was already dealing with enough separation and I didn’t have the heart to tell her she couldn’t bring her two cats. I did not have the money for a deposit for two cats (about $600.00) so they have been here illegally for several years. According to the note I found on my door the inspection was scheduled for Tuesday. The cats have been living in my parents garage since Monday night (had to sneak them out in the covor of darkness) and will not come back until Friday just to be safe. Yeah, we’re criminals.

On to yet another topic. My job has sent me to several different states lately. I’ve been sent to many interesting cities but this Monday I’ll be going to an even better place: Key West, Florida. I’ll be there for an entire week. I hope I have plenty of down time to do a little exploring.


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