Posted: May 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

The city of Houston is once again negotiating with another of it’s foot stomping sports teams. As usual, the team wants us to build them a brand new stadium. I didn’t mind when the Astros got the Juice Box or when the Rockets got Toyota Center and I didn’t mind when the Texan’s got Reliant Center. Although it came out of our pockets and without our consent, I’m relatively happy with how everything turned out.

This is about the Houston Dynamo. It’s a soccer team. Soccer! Does anyone really give a shit about soccer? I don’t. Forgive my ignorance but all I know about them is that they used to be the San Jose Earthquakes and that Victoria Adams’ husband now plays for them. I think.

Correction (5-8-07): I read today that Posh Spice’s husband does not play for the Dynamo but some team in Los Angeles. Where did I get that idea?

Below are two links that explain it better than I can.

Anne Linehan/blogHOUSTON

I really do not understand why this new team in town needs it’s own palace built on our dime. Astros? Fine. Texans? Fine. Rockets? Whatever. Dynamo? Who?

Am I the only person in town that remembers the Astrodome? Put the stupid team in there! The Dome is just sitting there vacant while everyone is wringing their hands over what to do with it in order to save it from being torn down.

  1. Laura says:

    I don’t think the city would ever put them in the Astrodome because it wouldn’t bring in enough money. They’re wanting to make it into a giant hotel/dining/entertainment complex. I agree with you, though!

  2. Greg says:

    Yeah, I know. I was only kidding. Actually, I think a high school football stadium would provide more than enough seating.

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