Posted: May 10, 2007 in life, travel

It was only a matter of time. I am now living vicariously through street cams on Duval street in Key West. I can’t get this place out of my mind. I so want to be back there. I never even wanted to leave.

As I was sitting here looking across the room at my Conch Day beads that were thrown at me on the night of the parade and looking at the wooden Duval Street sign that I brought back, I decided that I should drive the stake even deeper by looking up Key West/Duval Street on the computer.

What I found first was a live “street” cam outside of Sloppy Joe’s, a place I went to at least twice while I was there. The other is a “crowd” cam with a broader scope of the street. The former is the better one because you can actually hear the conversations of the people hanging/wandering about the street in front of this place. While I was there I was actually one of these people. I haven’t looked at this during the day yet, but at night you can hear all the bands playing. At least the one from this particular place. Also, remember that this is in Eastern time. I don’t look at this during the day because I’m at work but having seen it first hand I can tell you it’s like vegetable soup people-wise; All types just walking, shopping and taking in the sites.

But, Oh . . . wait till the sun goes down. It starts getting interesting about then and just gets better the later it gets. I believe it shuts down around 2:00 AM. The camera, not the island.

Street cam
Crowd cam

Update (5-12-07/3:11AM): Thanks to a weekend night I now see that the cameras do not shut down. That’s good. I have also added them to my blogroll for easier access.


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