The end of the world

Posted: May 26, 2007 in miscellaneous

I like to post this link once a year or so because I think it’s so damned funny. Credit goes to my friend Kathy who sent it to me several years ago. Thank you Kathy, if you’re reading this. Eat your heart out Al Gore if you’re reading this. To view, double click start in the lower right corner inside the link.

The end of the World


6-02-07 “Shit, shit . . . who the fuck is shooting us?” Somehow the original URL of that link went down the drain. I found the new one though. Thank God there was a new one, I would hate to lose this forever. It’s back up now. “The Ennnnd!”

  1. malicenwonderland says:

    first rabbits, now fuckin kangaroos…is this copyrighted? I try not to steal, but i would like to send that to some folks

  2. Greg says:

    I say send it out MIW. A friend emailed that to me about 4 years ago. No telling how long it had been passed around before that. Whoever made that Flash animation never put their name to it. Someone found it and thought it was so funny that they made a webpage out of it. The URL has changed but in the original, at the very bottom in small print was a message to whoever made it to contact the site so that credit could be given to the creator. To my knowledge no one has come forward to claim it as theirs.

  3. malicenwonderland says:

    thank you. I know some people that are gonna love that thing

  4. tk says:

    lmao…I can’t even remember who originally sent this to me…I think it was Jaq.

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