Of all the places to nest

Posted: June 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, I was in a parking lot on the northbound feeder of I-45 when a street guy came up to my window. I rolled the window down about a third of the way and kept my eyes on his hands. He was okay though and didn’t ask for money.

He: Hey, you gotta phone book in there?
Me: No . . . I don’t carry phone books in here.
He: Well, I need ta find a phone book so’s I can call someone cuz there’s a parrot up in that there sign! (pointing toward the freeway).
Me: Say what?
He: Yeah! A really big-assed parrot! Listen, you can hear ‘im!

Sure enough, I could hear them squawking above the roar of the freeway. I say them because I could tell it was more than just one. I drove through the parking lot so that I was even with the Clearwood/Edgebrook sign so I could get a look at them. What I saw was the biggest nest I have ever seen. It looked like one of those eagle nests you see on nature shows. In it and around it were many small parrots. They weren’t as big as the street guy said but they were bigger than conures. I couldn’t tell how many were there but I saw four separate birds fly out and west over I-45 and still saw more in the nest.


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