Email from Orlando

Posted: July 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

I got back from Dallas this afternoon and imagine my surprise when I drove back into Houston to find the city getting another beating from heavy rain and really dangerous lightening. As I was creeping along at about .5 MPH on the North belt (the speedometer showed nothing) I saw lightening hit one of those metal structures that string the power cables over long distances. I was almost perfectly even with it and on an elevated part of the beltway. I’ve seen lightening strikes before but never this close. This time it just connected with the top of it and sat on it for about two seconds. It looked as big around as a telephone pole. I’m really sick of this shit.

Getting home at a reasonable time wasn’t as urgent as just getting off my ass and out of that truck. That and testing my ass for feeling and seeing if I could still move my right ankle (no cruise control). The reason I have no obligation to get home at any reasonable time is because Gabby is in Orlando with her best friend and the family. She will not be back until the first part of August. We are very, very close and this is really hard for me. We miss each other terribly but we both know that this is a great experience for her. It will be a summer that she’ll always remember in part because it is the summer before she starts high school.

About the mom and dad of this family: I love them. They are the nicest, kindest and most family oriented couple I’ve probably ever known. I forgot to mention patient and tolerant. They have four kids of their own plus a sister, a brother (with daughter) who also live there. There is another brother, who with his wife and two kids are there just about everytime I stop by to pick up Gabby. I think there are about ten to twelve of them at that house at any given time.

I was serious when I mentioned patience and tolerance. The Mr. and Mrs. took four kids non-stop to Orlando from Houston in a Tahoe. On top of that they’re not stupid either. They equipped the kids with a portable DVD player and a laptop for the drive. This is the first email I’ve recieved from Gabby since she’s been gone:

Hi Daddy how are you? And the animals?
Florida’s really fun. The hotel is really nice. They have a huge lobby with a giant aviary full of green parakeets. They also have a Disney store and a food store. Outside they have a big pool, a jacuzzi, a pool table, a little playground, and tennis courts. Tommorrow is Bryce’s first game. Oh, and i ran in to a REALLY old friend of mine. He went to Meadow’s Elementary in 5th grade;vand he’s the brother of this kid Jesse on the baseball team…Anyway’s i miss you sooooo much…:( i would call you but it’s long distance on the phone, and I’m not sure about the cell phones…but i probably will. Well thanks again so much for taking care of the pets and i will call or email you later.
Love you soo much!

  1. laanba says:

    Awww…. *hugs*

    You’re a good dad.

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