Seriously annoying behavior

Posted: July 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

I could write three long posts a day about what annoys me. In fact, I could probably have up to twenty more stored in cue for those times when I have nothing interesting to say, which is often. Okay, maybe more. However, that would just make me look like an angry, ill-tempered person, which I’m not. Okay, not all the time.

Water heaters have pressure relief valves so that if the pressure inside gets dangerously high it opens and releases the pressure so the heater doesn’t explode. Maybe a blog is just like that. So, here I go. Time to release some steam. Keep in mind that most of these are mostly minor annoyances and I am not angry. But they happen so often that some pressure has built up.

I’ll start with behavior that is beyond annoying and just flat-out dangerous and actually does make me angry. I think Drivers who blantently run red lights, lights that were red before they were even at the intersection should be dragged out of their vehicles, roughed up and have their keys thrown into a storm drain. You can thank all these assholes for the cameras as well as most of the crashes we hear about. I see it everyday. Even now with all this rain which make these streets slick as greased owl shit. A red light here means nothing. Nor does a green light. When your green signal comes you have to wait for the parade of four or five vehicles casually making their way through their red light before you are allowed to proceed. Even then, if you don’t look both ways three or four times you could still be T-boned by one of the assholes mentioned above.

Another driver related annoyance that is probably equally dangerous is when a driver decides to change four or five lanes in about twenty feet to get off the freeway through a small opening in the traffic, causing people to aggressively hit their brakes. I always wish these guys would smash into the inside concrete barrier but they never do.

Next is cell phone use. I am so sick of cell phone idiots. I do not understand people who carry on an inane conversation they probably started in the parking lot of the grocery store and keep it going all the way to the checkout line. They create a long line behind them because they can’t concentrate enough to punch in their correct Lone Star card PIN because they are talking on their stupid cell phone. Also, pay attention to or at least acknowledge the existence of the cashier. They are human beings too. Hang up when you get to the register. No wonder these people act like robots. They are pretty much treated as such.

On to the next. I work out in the field, meaning I’m all over town every day. For some reason I can’t stand eating lunch inside any establishment. What I do is get my lunch and have it in my truck. It’s relaxing to read the paper and eat my lunch in the privacy of my truck. I have been doing this for years. What has been happening with increasing frequency is that while I’m occupying a certain deserted area for this purpose, I start getting unwanted company. This happens no matter where I am these days. I am convinced that they got the idea from me. A perfect example of this is when I was in Clear Lake a few years ago. I found a huge and perfectly empty parking lot. Just as soon as I bit in to whatever it was I ordered for lunch, some asshole pulled up and parked right next to me. I mean right next to me! We were the only people in the lot. At first I thought he was looking for a quick afternoon hookup but then I realized he wasn’t. He was just dumb-assed enough to come park right next to me. I folded my paper up and moved to the other side of the parking lot.

Finally, I’d like to address all the bad, bad line waiters. Keep back! You will get your turn. I do not appreciate your crotch on my ass. Also, when I’m standing back several feet from the person at the counter, that doesn’t mean I’m just hanging out at the place. I’m waiting in line. Do not cut in front of me just because I’m not spooning the person in front of me. Also, if you get an elbow in the solar plexus while Im trying to get my wallet out of my back pocket, you are too damned close.

  1. Laura says:

    Oh, wow, I HATE when someone is practically on TOP of me while i’m trying to check out at the grocery store! I now will purposely step on there foot or just flat out say, “Can you give me some SPACE here?!”

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