Posted: August 14, 2007 in home

How far does a person have to retreat from the city to keep from getting ambushed, robbed and killed? It seems to me that there is nowhere else to go but the final retreat- Inside your home. That isn’t even safe anymore. Even if you are armed, like myself, and someone suddenly kicks in your door, you’re still screwed unless you carry your weapon around the house at all times, which of course I don’t.

If you happened to see the local Houston news tonight you may have seen a quick report about a man shot right in front of his wife at Fox Pointe Apartments on Pavilion Point. If not you can read a short report about it HERE . I live at this very complex. In fact, I heard when the cops (Harris County) showed up. It was between 5:00 and 5:30 AM. I was already awake but still in bed just laying there. I heard a few short “bwoop” “bwoop” blasts of a siren and knew it wasn’t good.

I knew that because this isn’t the first time it has happened here. I’ve heard gunshots at the same hour more than once and have even seen some thug wheeled out on a stretcher to an ambulance bleeding from gunshot wounds just after sunset. I don’t know if he lived and to be totally honest, I really don’t care if he did or not.

In a city this size murders are so common that it ceases to be news. There is nothing new about it. I am as unintentionally desensitized as the next person about the daily homicide reports but when it happens to innocent people living clean lives it infuriates me enough to almost to make me bleed from the ears. I didn’t mean for this to be so long-winded. The main point I wanted to make is that there is a reason we out here in BFE live where we do. We’re trying to distance ourselves from the animals that think nothing of robbing, raping and killing us and our kids and they just seem to follow us no matter how far we retreat.

As I was writing this, the link I provided had already gone dead before I could even hit the publish button. I guess it wasn’t that news-worthy. How’s that for being right?

  1. I live on the Southwest side. Gessner near the Beltway. I live in a fairly secure mid-rise. One in which you have to practically pee in a cup to enter. I feel safe here, but that doesn’t mean bullshit is happening all around me..and it does-at all hours of the day and night.

    Sadly, I’ve also become immune to the sirens that blare through my neighborhood. A convenient store on the corner a block away was robbed fairly recently and the clerk was shot and killed. I think it made the noon news and nothing else.

    I ask the same question you’ve asked–how did we become so blase about loss of life? Are we to feel that unless a person of merit..a politician, a city father, a local celebrity who dies, you don’t rate?

    It’s not just sad, it’s tragic and I know it’s a dilemma that’s NOT unique to Houston.


  2. I’m a Dallas-ite. I know what you mean and we had an incident kind of recently where a couple was driving and I guess accidentally cut a guy off. He in turn killed the husband right in front of the wife and I believe kids in the back.
    I don’t really know why people get to such a meltdown. We all have them but not everyone can switch theirs off easily I guess. The world is going to hell…if it isn’t already.

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