One tough little cell phone

Posted: August 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

This really amazes me: My cell phone spent an hour or two completely under water Thursday and is still working. Thursday, during the deluge here in Houston, I stopped the truck in about eight inches of water. I had to get out but didn’t want to soak my feet so I opened the door and climbed out of the cab and into the bed to get a better look at things. I assume that’s when the phone fell out into the eight or so inches of water. I didn’t notice.

About two hours later and halfway across town I reached for the phone on my belt and felt nothing but a pocket where the phone is supposed to be. A thorough upside-down, inside-out search of the truck resulted in nothing. I then drove to the nearest payphone to dial the number to make sure I didn’t miss it somewhere in the truck, all the while searching the same places in the seat, the console and the glovebox while I’m driving. It was as classic OCD moment.

When I got to a payphone and dialed my number and then didn’t hear the phone I suddently remembered where I could have lost it. I went back to the property and found it scuffed up and drowned. It was vibrating when I found it. I have never put it on vibrate mode. It must have been sending out whatever distress signal it could at the time in order to be detected and rescued.

Believe it or not, this little cell phone is still operational. The screen is blacked out but it still dials out and recieves calls. I don’t see how though. I’m covored for the weekend but I will have to get another one Monday. I have to. It’s a company issued phone. I’m required to have one at all times. I think the maker of this particular phone would benefit from this testimonial. I’d do it on the record for a free replacement.

Update: I carry the new the pain-in-the-ass phone in my pocket.


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