Posted: August 19, 2007 in Uncategorized, weekend


I really, really wanted to go to the beach this weekend but inconvenient responsibilities squashed that plan for us. I had to get a new battery for the truck which I could have done in fifteen minutes myself but I had Sears Auto do it and it took them an hour and a half to do it. Idiots. Complete idiots. Gabby starts high school on the 27th so we knocked out a good portion of her school supply list. Also, my thumb and forefinger are so burned that wrestling fish in the surf isn’t a very good idea. So, no beach for me ! Come back one week !

  1. laanba says:

    Sorry about your beach washout, but as I discovered it really does make a difference to take care of the school stuff this tax free weekend.

    I am amazed that Seinfeld references seem to grow stronger the longer the show has been off the air. It is becoming a part of our understood vocabulary (if you watched the show).

  2. Laura says:

    Hey, Greg, why don’t you post a question to your readers:
    “What’s your favorite Seinfeld scene?”

  3. Hey, at least you are near one! That has to be cool in itself! At least this weekend was Tax Free!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way…

  4. BTW, hope it was ok. I added you to my roll…

  5. Greg says:

    Of course, Arm Jerker J.!

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