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Posted: August 25, 2007 in life

I have been away since Sunday because I have a bad tooth that ruined my whole week. I had a golf ball swelling out of the side of my right jaw. I’m on antibiotics now and my jaw has returned to normal. I was in some serious pain. So much that logging anything here was impossible. That is unless it was several lines of
“Aaaagghhhhhh . . . Aaaagghhhhhh . . . Aaagghhhhhh !!!”
Nobody wants to hear that.

It was so bad that it made me feel sick. I tried to keep up with my favorite blogs but that was difficult because I couldn’t even keep my eyes open to read. I kept up the best I could though. I did so because I truly love reading my favorite blogs and didn’t want to miss anything.

I’m fine now but I know it’s just like the eye of a storm. I’m just waiting for it to strike again and I think it will be soon. I have a consultation with an oral surgeon on Thursday and I’ll take it from there. Hopefully the antibiotics will keep it back until I get this tooth yanked out.

We are now off to however many bookstores it takes to find the two books Gabby needs for school on Monday. This will probably take up the rest of day.

  1. laanba says:

    I bet Gabby is so excited for the start at her new school. How exciting!

    Hmmm…. I don’t think it is good writing to use exciting in to consecutive sentences, but oh well (D’oh… now three!)

  2. Greg says:

    Ha! I do the same thing. I think I usually catch it. I have to proof-read everything anyway because I have no spell check here.
    I think Gabby is experiencing a combination of excitement and apprehension. It’s not a typical high school. They demand 100% out of the students they accept. Mostly, she feels relieved that she isn’t going to Hastings where the district would have sent her. Double ditto for me.

  3. Ah man. That blows. I have a tooth situation myself and someone at my job does as well. Must be going around!
    Glad you mustered up the strength to read my bamble today!
    And I hope you get good pain meds…that’s the best part…

  4. Maliyah says:

    Absolutly AMAZING! Good Job Guys Maliyah >:[[[

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