Which box do I check?

Posted: August 29, 2007 in life

I got married on this day fourteen years ago. Seven years later I was divorced. It has been seven years since my divorce. I have been divorced now for the same amount of time that I was married. It occurred to me that I should probably change my status of “divorced” when filling out forms or introducing myself to people at this point. But to what?

Am I single, divorced or unmarried? I’m all three but just what should I declare myself? I think that after all this time I should be allowed to shed the stigma of being divorced and just assume the status of single again. What do you think? What’s the norm. Tell me what you know.

  1. Laura says:

    I think any one of those is perfectly acceptable. It should be whatever you feel most comforatable with. If your filling out a document, you should put divorced if that is one of the options. At least you’re way ahead of me! I still have to say “separated” or “In the process of a divorce”.

  2. Dude, you are technically single. Mark that. Time for a fresh start.
    Or you can just put “ask me later.” Hah.

  3. I think you passed “divorce status” two years after the papers were signed. I would say there’s a two year grace period in which you can call yourself “divorced”. After that, you’re just single.

    Did you hear what happened to 103.7 Wednesday? You won’t believe it…then again, you just might. E-mail me and I tell you everything.


  4. gpawilli says:

    I have to agree…. I was married 3 1/2 years and that ended 24 years ago (I married very young).

    I need to stop putting divorced. Its was a short error in judgment…..

    Im putting single or unmarried from now on.

    (I just found you site through J @ awriterdodging bullets – take a walk over to http://www.2288beckleyrd.com if you get the chance)

    Great question!!!


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