Close call

Posted: August 30, 2007 in home

Wednesday evening turned out to be “one of those evenings” but not in an amusing or funny way.

Gabby was at the kitchen table doing some homework. I was right here at my desk. Gabby came in here to tell me something and before she uttered half a sentence we heard a sickening crash. A loud and sickening crash. It sounded like a large vase being dropped on a ceramic floor and it came from the kitchen area.

She has two normally well-behaved cats and I have an African Grey parrot that is seldom well-behaved. We both automatically assumed one of them had knocked something off a shelf. The thing is, there are no shelves out there and we know better than to have anything that breakable high enough to . . . well, we know better than to have anything that breakable.

What we found was that the extremely large, thick and heavy glass light fixture covor over the table had fallen from the ceiling and smashed into a thousand pieces exactly where Gabby’s head would have been about three or four seconds before. Even if it had missed her head she would have still been showered with glass slivers. We found glass as far away as seven or eight feet in all shapes and sizes. It took a five gallon bucket and two vaccum cleaners to get rid of all the glass. Neither one of us remembers what she came in here to tell me but thank God she did.

  1. Someone or something was/is looking out for Gabby.

    Hug her and tell her you love her.


  2. Greg says:

    So true. She left just a few seconds before it fell.

    I do many times every single day. So does she.

  3. Talk about divine intervention.
    What a scary thing to happen…

  4. Laura says:

    You should ask her what urged her to “go tell you something”. Sounds like an angel prodded her into your room.

  5. tk says:


    Glad to hear all is well though.

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