Lowering the standards

Posted: September 4, 2007 in decisions

I know this is a really, really bad idea but I just don’t care. It’s been awhile since my last post and I need to show that this is still an active blog. If I didn’t suspect that my parents and certain relatives secretly read what I post here after I asked them not to for their own good, this site would be a whole hell of a lot more interesting.

Rather than tell you what happened over the weekend, I’m going to place an ad here. The idea came to me while I was looking through our local free ad publication and all of it’s typos as I was clearing out some trash from my storage space today.

Free Crap
Seven wooden pallets . . . $0.00
25-30 plastic 5 gallon buckets . . . $0.00

At one time I thought I could never have enough pallets and buckets (it’s good beach gear) but now I am overrun with this crap. If you want it, leave a comment and some contact information.

  1. This seems almost cryptic…
    Lemme see…what are the wooden pallets for?

  2. ah. i will have a fireplace at my new apartment….hum.

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