Attention both Lauries linked here

Posted: September 7, 2007 in computer

About a week or so ago and probably long before that Arm Jerker wrote about the odd search queries she was finding in her blog stats. The funniest if not the weirdest searches were those (and there were many) for a certain actor belonging to the “Brat Pack” of the eighties. It’s worth looking at.

I get strange queries in my stats all the time too but I’ve never mentioned them before because I never thought of them as very interesting or funny; Just weird. That is until today. Earlier this year I spent a week working in Key West. I also have this Laurie and a this Laurie linked here. According to my stats here, the search for Laurie Toy Key West will send you right to this blog.

  1. see! i told you there are some crazy folks.

  2. Greg says:

    Oh, I believed you.

  3. […] trend of posting weirdo-isms is spreading because┬áthe things people type in search engines are astounding. I just had to share this one on […]

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