Apparentely, Metro bus riders are as naive and unpredictable as second grade school bus riders

Posted: September 13, 2007 in city

I desperately want to stop for the Metro buses now just as most of us do for school buses. However, doing so will either get you rear-ended, honked at, flipped off or something thrown at you. Possibly all four. From now on When I see one of those buses stopped in that God-awful right lane, I’m moving to the extreme left lane if at all possible. If I can’t, I’m slowing down to school zone speed. To hell with anyone behind me who doesn’t like it!

Yesterday, on Westheimer, I was rolling past a parked Metro bus at a stop when a woman with a young child in each hand darted right out in front of me. It’s obvious to me that she and her two kids exited the bus, went around the front of the bus to the left and started to take off across Westheimer without looking. This was in the Galleria area and it was not at an intersection. She jaywalked. That is until she saw me. Thank God I’m a mellow and observant driver. I have to be with my job. As much as I’m out on the streets (5 days a week, 8 hours a day, all over Houston) the odds of me getting into wrecks or situations like this are much, much higher than the average driver. When they appeared in front of me I had to hit the brakes hard. I think I stopped about four feet from them. I could only see the woman from the waist up over the hood of my truck. I said a really bad word, she sheepishly smiled and waved as I peeled my white-knuckled fingers from the wheel to grab my head and and swear in the direction of my lap. The way I see it is that we were about four feet apart from making the evening news.

Later that day I was driving down another street when the exact same thing happened. A teenage girl not only darted out from the front of the bus (Metro, not school) between intersections but sprinted across the street in front of me. This time I was ready for it because I was already scared to death of passing a parked Metro bus.

  1. Wow…just reading that made me want to rummage around for a Xanax–HA, like there would be a spare one in MY house!!

    I hate Westheimer (and I live a block from it in Westchase_ and I hate Metro busses. I’m not real fond of Houston pedestrians, especially the ones all up and down Westheimer. You see more people walking on the sidewalks along Westhiemer than you do in downtown Houston. Yeah, I know the tunnels and everything, but to the out of towner, on Louisiana at Prairie would think downtown is deserted!!

    Did you survive Humberto’s wrath? We got a little rain and that was it.

  2. Greg says:

    I wish you had a spare Xanax. I could use it.
    What? Was there a storm?

  3. Hey Greg….

    You should know that “Bayviewchanneldena” was conceived and included in that post JUST for you.


    I figured only you would get it.

    And of course, you did.


  4. Greg says:

    Thanks Laurie. It was funny. So was the entire post. I’ve been back to it enough times to drop a couple of new comments.

  5. Greg,

    What’s so odd is that anyone who’s lived in Houston especially may not know Dean and Karla Faye personally, but they’ve seen them. Seen them interviewed on the news.

    Most definitely on “Cops”.

    She’s skinny with bad meth teeth. She’s got three of four kids–all real close in age and invariably one–maybe two have Virgil or Ray as a middle name.

    They don’t live in a mobile home…it’s most assuredly a trailer and their TV had a potato on what’s left of the antenna for better reception. At least one car is outside and up on blocks and there are beer cans littering the “yard”.

    He’s shirtless most of the time…in a dirty wife beater for when he needs to wear “Sunday Go To Meetin'” clothes and has two arms and a chest all inked up and is missing some teeth and has been stabbed at least once. Perhaps one or both have spent a little time at the Harris County lock-up.

    Inside the trailer is one big ashtray…there’s an image of Dale Earnhardt somewhere on something, a Skynyrd album, a Little Feat CD and one Ray Wylie Hubbard 8-track on the table. It is filthy and smells like cigarettes, stale beer and really bad B.O.

    Both are on disability for questionable workplace accidents, though she sometimes helps out her friend, Rhonda–the bleach blond whore with a heart of gold—at her biker/bar ice house “up the road a ways, not far from The Plant”.

  6. One more thing, I know these people because they were our most visible core audience on the S&P show.

    I know them well.

  7. glide625 says:

    It may be the case that a woman with a kid in each arm darting out into traffic is making a suicide attempt.

  8. sounds like the DART out here. they are the reason i fear driving every day.

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