These damned cycles

Posted: September 20, 2007 in travel, work

My job is like a manic-depressive girlfriend. For months, nothing will be happening out of the ordinary. It’s slow, repetitive and not much fun to be around. Then suddenly it’s exciting and fun but a little too much to handle at one time. It’s now on the upswing again. Things don’t happen in “threes” in my life. They come up in “fives”, “sixes” or more at a time and then I’m scrambling to get everything taken care of. I wish it was more balanced.

Here is the mess this time:

I have my existing accounts to take care of this month.
I have three installs that will take at least three days to complete here in Houston.
I have another install here in Houston that will take a full day.
I am going to Jacksonville, Florida in October for a week to install.
I will be going to New Jersey again in October to tear up what I already installed in order to install another piece of equipment (Three days minimum).
I am in need of some dental work that just can’t be fit in.
When I get back from New jersey I have an over-nighter in Dallas.
Then I go to Port Isabel, Texas (South Padre) for a two or three day install.
I have to find a way of taking care of our existing accounts here in Houston before October runs out.

What frustrates me the most is that a lot of this overlaps. I’ll just leave it up to them to find some way for me to be in two different places at the same time.

With all that taken care of (however the hell that happens) I will then get to the dentist to take care of the pain in my jaw which is the reason I have not been around much lately.

  1. Take a few Darvon, slam back a beer or two then do some night fishing at Port Isabel.

    Get that taken care of, Greg–as soon as you can. Don’t wait too long. Cavities or abbesses can lead to much more severe maladies.

    Take care,

  2. geez. you still have that jaw thing going on? i like laurie’s idea. where can i get that darvon? and an overnighter in dallas will be all you can take. dallas sucks.

  3. Greg says:

    Dallas is fine with me. I stay at the Embassy Suites on the Stempson freeway and walk to the restaurant next door. I never really leave the hotel. In the morning, I drive home. As four hour drives go, it’s one of the better ones.

    It’s a nice looking area. Dallas’ downtown looks pretty cool. I like going there.

  4. AJ–I agree with you…The Laurie is NOT a fan of Dallas. My sister lives there; my mother lived there before moving (retiring) to the Hill Country.

    There’s something about Dallas. I don’t know–it’s an attitude. I know many Dallasites think Houston is Hell South and that everyone who lives here is a Philistine. Maybe, but when anyone asks ME how to get to Big D from Houston, I always tell them to drive slightly northwest and then take a left at Satan’s testicle.

    Gets ’em there every time.

    Laurie Kendrick
    Houstonian and Philistine

  5. Greg says:

    I’m not sure how AJ meant it but I understand what you mean Laurie. I don’t encounter that delusional superiority when I’m there because I only deal with people who really need me there and like I said, I never leave the compound. When I’m done, I go home.

    However, here in Houston I have to listen to makeup-faced bottle blondes brag about how they are from Dallas and bitch about having to live here. Aww . . . What happened in Dallas that you had to move to the bigger city with all the humidity that frizzes out your fake-assed hair? Do we cretins not consider mannequins as hot here as they do in Dallas?


    and breathe…



  7. Yea. That Dallitude crap is why I don’t like Dallas. They act like they are another L.A. or New York. They spend their $30,000 like it’s $100,000. This is the land of the thirty-thousandaires.

    Everyone is so superficial. At least in L.A. they have always had that rap. That’s THEIR thing. And New York, they are the mecca of EVERYTHING. Dallas is such a wannabe with a crappy transit system. And the Olympics will NEVER touch this place no matter how hard they try.

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