Back online

Posted: October 4, 2007 in computer

I lost my internet connection well over a week ago. Of course, I panicked. I started yanking cables and reinsurting them, trying new cables, rebooting, using canned air and even whacking the modem with my wooden back scratcher. Nothing worked. I was screwed and I knew it.

I had to call my ISP tech support. After listening to their lame-assed music for two hours on the phone I . . . just kidding. They were on the line in a matter of seconds and helped me narrow down the problem. A woman with a very pleasant voice walked me through the same steps I had taken several times before on my own and gave me the diagnosis.

“Your modem has taken a dirt nap”, she said.
That’s pretty direct. I like that. She told me exactly what to do, I thanked her for her help and she told me to call back if I needed help getting set back up.

I set up the new modem/router tonight and now I’m back online. My email hasn’t been opened in over a week and I’m seriously behind with my favorite blogs. It’s going to take me two days to catch up. Possibly three.

  1. I..for one…have missed you.

    I actually noticed your absence, plus the fact that you hadn’t updated your blog in a while. I figured something was either technically wrong…you were back in Florida Or….you were in love.



  2. Welcome Back! I’m with Laurie. You were missed.
    Oh. And you may be in love too? Must be nice. *sighs long drawn out sigh that no one hears but me*

  3. Greg says:

    Thanks both of you. I’m still catching up with each of your blogs.
    Nah, J, Laurie’s joking. I’m not even dating.

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