Quick inane update with no purpose other than just for the hell of it

Posted: October 16, 2007 in work

I’m off to Dallas in the morning. I go there every three months. This time I have some extra stuff to do. Different stuff. The good part is that my Dad is following me up there. We both work for the same company. Our employers and company headquarters are in LA. There other branches (mostly in California) but the Houston branch is run by me and my Dad. Just us. Pretty cool, huh? I think it’s fun when we both make work trips together like this. In the fifteen years we’ve been doing this we have usually shared a room with two beds. Lately, I’ve been inisting on my own room because it takes him about three hours to get ready for bed. This time I think we’ll be stuck in the same room because the hotel is at 100%. No rooms. We don’t know where we’re staying yet. That’s okay though. When we share a room we have a good time after dinner sitting around in our underwear talking about funny shit or interesting things. It’s such guy time. I appreciate this now but think about it: Years from now I’m going to be so glad that we spent this kind of time together.

Gabby is an aquarium freak. For almost as long as I can remember she has had tanks full of fish which she tends to almost constantly. It’s one of her passions. As long as I don’t have to take care of them, which I don’t, I really love having them in here. I love the way they light up a room and I love the way they sound (one is right outside my bedroom door). Saturday, we brought home another one. It’s no little 20 gallon gurgler though. This monster is four feet long, 18 inches wide and 22 inches deep! It sits on a wooden cabinet with doors. I couldn’t afford anything like this. It was given to us by Gabby’s best friend’s uncle. This thing is so huge that I could get inside of it. Once the turtles move in and it gets further stocked this place is going to look like a chinese restaraunt. It’s heavy too. the glass is about 3/8″ thick. It was a bitch to get in and out of my truck and into my apartment. Next was the cabinet. When we braced to lift it I was thinking about the weight of the tank and nearly threw the cabinet clean over our heads. It looked heavier than it was. The guy we got it from said the aquarium was a 150 gallon tank. So, so wrong. I wish it was but it’s just not so. The measurements 48″ x 22″ x 18″ = 19,008 (cubic inches). 19,008 x .00433 = 82.3064 (gallons). If I did that right it’s considered an 80 gallon tank. If I’m wrong, I’m deleting this when I get back to Houston. See you then.

  1. Be safe in the land of 30-thousand dollar a year “millionaires”.

  2. heard that. i hate it here.
    but at least you can find a great sushi place!
    if you like that kind of thing.

  3. Are you back??? How was Dallas?

    Welcome Home!!
    Constance G.

  4. Greg says:

    Hah! Can I call you Connie now?

  5. No. Can I call you Dick?

  6. Greg says:

    Sure. I suspect most people do when I’m out of earshot anyway.

  7. HAHAHA.. I get called that too!!

  8. Catrina says:

    It’s good to hear that your Dad is up and runnin’! What the heck does he do that takes him 3 hours to get ready for bed!!!??? 🙂

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