Los Angeles is LAX but poor Sioux City SUX

Posted: October 23, 2007 in travel

I loved the article in the paper yesterday about the Sioux City, IA airport code. I have never been in Iowa so I’m not familiar with it. Apparently, the code SUX just didn’t sit well with certain city officials. Prudes. They tried to have it changed in both 1988 and 2002. Didn’t happen. The article says that at one point the FAA offered them five alternatives, one of which was GAY. The Airport trustees responded with the equivelant of “Thanks but no thanks”.

Below is the article. I think you should read it if you haven’t already. It’s pretty damned funny.

Associated Press Sioux City accepts its airport SUX
SIOUX CITY, IOWA — City leaders have scrapped plans to do away with the Sioux Gateway Airport’s unflattering three-letter identifier — SUX — and instead have made it the centerpiece of the airport’s new marketing campaign.

The code, used by pilots and airports worldwide and printed on tickets and luggage tags, will be used on T-shirts and caps sporting the airport’s new slogan, “FLY SUX.” It also forms the address of the airport’s redesigned Web site — http://www.flysux.com.

Sioux City officials petitioned the Federal Aviation Administration to change the code in 1988 and 2002. At one point, the FAA offered the city five alternatives — GWU, GYO, GYT, SGV and GAY — but airport trustees turned them down.

Advertising opportunity
Airport board member Dave Bernstein proposed embracing the identifier.

“Let’s make the best of it,” Bernstein said. “I think we have the opportunity to turn it into a positive.”

He noted that many airports, including some of the busiest, have forgettable three-letter codes.

“I’ve got buddies that I went to college with in different cities that can’t even remember their own birthdays, but they all know the Sioux City designator — SUX,” he said.

Mayor Craig Berenstein, who in 2002 described SUX as an “embarrassment” to the city, said he views the new slogan as a “cute little way” to make light of the situation.

I think this airport board member Dave Bernstein deserves a raise.

  1. What about the Denver International Airport? Could city Fathers possibly make anything cute and cuddly out of DIX??

    I know I could!!


  2. Greg says:

    I did not know that! Holy crap. Is that really true? I wouldn’t know because I’ve only ridden the freeway to get in and out of Montana and Wyoming, breaking down on a Denver freeway the very first time.

    Oh, could you ever. Your talking about moving. You like the idea of Colorado, right? Sounds like a job opportunity to me. However, it seems they’re not much worried about it.

    This off topic but it reminded me of when the Rockets were playing the New York Nicks here in Houston. I don’t remember if it was the first or second championship. But . . . on the day of the game I was driving past the Summit and draped from overpass above was a huge, huge banner written in letters big enough to be seen from the sky that said “Nix Suk Dix” for the team to see as they arrived for the game.

  3. I’ve given Houston 18 years, Greggie. I;’ve had some amazing professional accomplishments and some MASSIVE personal failures.

    I’m 48. I feel that whatever is in store for me, isn’t here. Colorado beckons, but I’m not sure about that either.

    I don’t have any idea if Denver;s airport is DIX in airport lingo. I just tried to be funny.

    Guess I failed.

  4. So..would you miss me???

  5. Greg says:

    Are you kidding? That was funny as shit. I fell for it too. One of these days I’ll learn.

    Laurie, even though we have never hung out together and even if you stayed in contact with me through our blogs and email after you left, I think that I would feel a sense of loss that you weren’t here anymore. So, yes.

  6. dailytri says:

    Hey Greg. First time reader/first time commentor on your blog. I lived near SUX for nine years. In fact I was born in a hospital in Sioux City. Lemme tell you, that airport designator couldn’t be more true. Last I heard, Northwest was the ONLY airline flying in or out of SUX and all flights went to Minneapolis for connectors. Miserable.

  7. So, what are you doing this fine Saturday night? Me? Home. My excuse is that I have way to many clocks to turn back.

    In reality, I’m old and bored and can drink my beer much cheaper when it’s in my fridge.

    Happy End of Daylight Savings Time!!!!

  8. Greg says:

    I’m home drinking beer out of my fridge too.
    Thanks for the DST reminder. I never know when this is supposed to happen until the last few hours or so . . . just like right now, see?

  9. I’m now drinking even more beer now and double check on the DST reminder. I think it might be next weekend. What do I know…I’m drunk!

    Seriously (hiccup) I think it’s next Saturday.


  10. Thanks for putting up with my sisters and me. We’re an interesting bunch!!


  11. Greg says:

    Yes, you three certainly are! But please don’t think that was something that needed to be put up with. I think your sisters are really cool and the three of you together are lots and lots of fun. Speaking of fun, that was one great comment binge on your blog. I hope it happens again.

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