Posted: November 6, 2007 in life

Sara (my oldest) has moved back in. This happened Monday evening. She’s been through a lot and because of that I’m also affected. The two of us are mostly drained. She emotionally and myself mentally. That’s why I haven’t visited any other blogs or said anything here lately.

Gabby is thrilled though.

  1. dailytri says:

    Good luck with the new living arrangement. I’m fortunate in that my ex and I have worked out a very flexible arrangement with our two teenage children – who can basically come and go from house to house as they please. I’m sure your girls are happy to have each other for company again.

  2. Greg says:

    As for your last statement, I can’t wait to see how long that lasts (This is a 1,042 sq. ft. apartment and they’re sharing the master). I’m mostly kidding. They do love each others company, especially after the divorce.

    I like the arrangement you guys have. It sure sounds like it would work.

  3. I have your back, baby. This time, if YOU need to talk, I’m all ears.


  4. Greg says:

    dailytri, I’ve been a bit scatter-brained the last few days. I forgot to mention that the arrangement you two have is the exact same as we have.

    Laurie, that doesn’t suprise me. Thanks, you’re super.

  5. When life rains, it is so annoying at deciding to pour. Best in everything and in getting through this.

  6. Catrina says:

    You are a great Dad.

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