The shuttle is leaving in ten minutes

Posted: December 15, 2007 in home

I am dropping off Gabby and her friend at the mall and taking Sara to a Walmart. I will read the paper in the truck then return home with Sara and her unmentionables. I will then go back home and sit down only to get a call that it’s time to go get Gabby and her friend from the mall. Then it’s back to the mall, back home, to the grocery store and then back home again. The only way I’m taking them anywhere else after this is if they are either bleeding or have a head injury.

  1. dailytri says:

    Don’t ya just love playing taxi driver? One of the best parts of this year was my daughter turning 16 and getting her driver’s license. Of course we tied the car and license to maintaining certain grades – the usual stuff. There have been a few bumps in the road, but mostly relief. It gets better! Use that car time to connect (i.e., bore them with stories of how tough it was growing up when YOU were a kid compared to now). Eye roll please!

  2. Greg says:

    That’s funny. I swear I can almost hear the eyes rolling in their eyesockets when I do that.

    My oldest girl just now got her drivers license. I don’t own a vehicle, I drive a company truck and she can’t drive it. She’s looking for a car and when she finally does get one my full time shuttle days are over!

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