Do ya think so?

Posted: January 11, 2008 in home

It is way past time for me to drag out of this apartment the ticking time bomb that is our Christmas tree. This whole building is in danger. It is so dried out that I think a blowdryer would probably ignite it. It would be like a slightly slow motion explosion. I know this because when I was a kid we would gather as many as we could find in front of the houses in the neighborhood and drag them down to the bay (we were safe hooligans) where we would light them with our Bics. It was a spectacular sight. So spectacular that we often decided to stack several together, stick a flame in the pile, get the hell upwind and watch the explosive 5-10 second fury.

I’m usually ready to get rid of the tree right after new years day. I’ve been conditioned over the years by the daughters to let it sit there longer because they never wanted to part with it. However, my youngest actually suggested to me the other day that we get it out of here. Sniff. She’s growing up.

It’s out the door tonight. Of course that involves removing all the ornaments, fighting the tree for the string of lights, boxing them back up, getting stuck by needles, Hoovering all the needles up and having tree sap on the hands all weekend.

  1. kristiane says:

    Tree sap reminds me of camping. I never get a real tree and I love camping. So I think I may just do that next year to remind myself of that when it’s ten below outside and I cannot get out into a tent for he next five months.

  2. Greg says:

    Sounds like a good idea. I love camping too but I usually do it on the beach in the summer. I guess I could bring in my tackle box and open it up here on my desk during the winter for a similar effect.

  3. catrina says:

    I usually let the tree linger around until mid Jan, but this year it was chopped up in the green trash can Dec. 26. I was a little scroogy this year.

  4. Greg says:

    I forgot to add this Catrina: I did such a good job of stringing the lights in and around the tree that when it came time to get them back it was such a struggle that I just said a bad word and let them go with the tree. It was one of those “fuck it” moments.

  5. catrina says:

    Why so scroogy? Well, my husband decided to put in a huge window in the same room that our tree is in. The project lasted from Dec. 18th to Dec. 26th. Bah Humbug. I don’t like seeing the crap I’m breathing in. The couch was pushed up right to the tree, and there was plastic everywhere. Ew. I sound very naggy.

  6. catrina says:

    And Greg? I would have thrown the lights out with the tree too. It’s not worth the frustration. Lights are so cheap. OH! I learned something new though! I used the icicle lights in the tree, so I didn’t have to use as many lights! 🙂

  7. Jenice says:

    Don’t feel so bad. My lights are still up on my balcony…

  8. Greg says:

    Funny Jenice. Leave them up for next year.

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