What a waste of creativity

Posted: February 21, 2008 in city, community, decisions, humor, life, people, Uncategorized

Click each picture to enlarge it


  1. kristiane says:

    ok, see, my first comment ended up here because I did not see the pictures that were posted…i.e. lack of creativity. Now it makes sense.

  2. Laura says:

    Did you take those pictures, Greg? What does the last sign say/mean?

  3. Greg says:

    No, I didn’t Laura, although I have always wanted do just that on a regular basis and even “interview” them.

    You have to click on each picture to enlarge it.

  4. catrina says:

    I understand where they get the pieces of cardboard box. But where do they get the markers from?????

  5. Greg says:

    Hahahaha! I remember asking the same question once.
    Then I realized that they probably make more money per day than I do (tax free) and just go to the nearest convenience store and buy one.

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