A few things I don’t understand

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Uncategorized
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These are just a few of the many things that completely puzzle me at grocery stores and other places. This is not a rant about people I’d like to throttle. If it was I would be talking about the checkers (oh, yeah). I’m just talking about sackers, cashiers and the window people at Burger King. I’m not annoyed or irritated because I know their intentions are good but I just . . . don’t . . . get it.

The grocery store
This applies to all of them and it has to do with the way they bag my items.

Why do they:

1. Put 10 items in 5 bags when two bags would hold the same 10 items? Before I leave I put several bags inside of one or two so that I’m just carrying out two bags instead of a string of ten hanging off the fingers of both hands.

2. Put a gallon of milk in one of those flimsy plastic bags? First, it probably won’t make it to the car without the loops tearing and second, it already has a friggin handle!

3. (My favorite) When you purchase a single small item such as a tube of toothpaste, a bar of soap or a roll of Tums why, why, oh, God, why do they put it in a bag for you?

Why is this so universal? Think about it. If you have change due in the form of bills and coin it is always layed in your hand bills first then coins. This is just so backward. The coins slip and slide over the paper as you’re trying to bring it back and often slide off, hit the floor and roll off several hundred feet. The quarters that is. Pennies land flat at your feet.

Burger King
I love Burger King for one thing and one thing only: The coffee. They have the absolute best coffee around. Yes, you teen and twenty know-it-all hipsters, it’s as good as Starbucks. Maybe better. Plus, I pay $1.72 for a large (20 0z.) and you pay, well, who knows what for your grande from one of your smug peers who expect you to tip them for simply handing you a cup of coffee.

But . . . What I don’t get about the window service at Burger King is the level of accomodation. I’m just getting coffee and after I tell them I do not want any cream or sugar, they put the coffee in a thick, high quality paper bag along with a stirrer and a soda straw. I don’t need the straws and I certainly don’t need the bag. What’s the bag for? I mean, really. What is that bag for?

Kristiane- I know you are a true Barista. This doesn’t apply to you.

  1. laanba says:

    I can answer one of these. I want them to bag my milk because it makes it easier for me to carry it in when I am also carrying in another 7 or 8 bags.

  2. Greg says:

    Dang Laurie, you sound like me -> carrying several bags to your car. You’re right. If there are more than three or four bags involved the gallon of milk should be put in a bag (double bagged though). I’m so glad to see you up this late. I have another post on the way very similar to the last one.

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