Okay . . . Whatever you say.

Posted: April 3, 2008 in community

The apartment complex I live in was taken over by another management company awhile back and those that worked here were sent out to the street as is the norm for that cut-throat business. It’s not stable employment. The people (mostly females) that work in the apartment business go to work every day knowing that they may not have a job at the end of the day. I see it on a daily basis in my own line of work. I think that stress is what makes most of them the bitches that they seem to be.

For the most part the transition here has been easy as a tenant. Good, in fact. They are making improvements and upgrades to the property even though it isn’t needed in my opinion. It seems like they are so obsessed with cosmetics that they are neglecting the business end of it. Not that I give a shit and I’ll tell you why:

It seems that my rent just went down by twenty bucks. After hurricane Katrina, I couldn’t find a parking space anywhere near my apartment. I was having to park on the other side of the complex from my unit. I finally broke down and secured the reserved parking space directly in front of my door for $20.00/month. It was worth it. Now that almost all of the people from New Orleans have left I don’t really need it anymore. But I still want it. I still have it but for some reason I’m not paying for it anymore.

The company that took over this apartment complex doesn’t know a thing about the tenants. On the occasions that I go into the office to give them my rent check I am always told that I have credit. They tell me I’ve overpayed not just for the previous month but for many in the past. I tell them over and over and over and over that they are forgetting that I’m supposed to be charged for the reserved parking. They tell me that I don’t owe them anything for the space. Why then did I have a red parking violation sticker stuck to my window a few months ago. Why does nobody dare to park in my space? Fine. I give the hell up. I tried. I tried to to tell them that they were supposed to be charging me for this. Thank you for the free reserved parking.

  1. Hey Noble Mon, it’s gonna’be OK. Calm down…just relax…breath…think about New Orleans and put…down…that…pie.

    Thanks Mon,
    editorilla~New Orleans News Ladder

  2. Jenice says:

    And this is yet another reason I HATE renting!!! I wish that apartment complexes would catch a clue about things. It gets so frustrating to keep repeating yourself.

  3. laanba says:

    This happened to me sorta. I wasn’t paying for a space but they gave everyone parking tags and visitors had to park towards the back. Then when I went in one time they didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. Things change and get lost in the shuffle I guess. Just don’t be surprised one day though if someone is in your space. The newbies don’t always know the rules since management doesn’t tell them.

  4. Greg says:

    Jenice, There is a part I forgot to mention. When I called them up about the parking violation sticker they this is what they told me:

    Dumb-assed Leasing Agent: “Well, since we took over the property we didn’t know if you were allowed to park there.” (Mine was the only one stickered). “We can’t seem to find your file. Is your cell number ***-***-****?”

    Me: “Yes it is. If you just took over the property and can’t find my file, how is it that you know my cell phone number?”

    Dumb-assed Leasing Agent: (after some backpeddling gobbledy-gook) “What you need to do is come to the office and pick up a parking sticker.”

    Me: “Why was mine the only one stickered?”

    Dumb-assed Leasing Agent: “Well, we don’t know, sir.”

    Me: “Fine. Can you have one of the guys come over here and scrape this sticker off of my window?”

    Dumb-assed Leasing Agent: “No, they just peel right off.”

    They do not> just peel right off! They have to be shaved off with a razor blade. Assholes.

  5. Greg says:

    Laurie, I tell you if someone does park in my space I will have them towed. There is a warning sign with a number of the towing company right next to my truck. Who knows if the service is active but I’d try anyway. Then go to the office in a very, very bad mood.

  6. catrina says:

    When we lived in the Oakwood apartments, I had a parking space ALLLLLLLL for myself. I loved it. I also loved telling people to move OUT of my parking space. MINE. OUT. GET OUT OF MY SPOT. They were usually so sorry about me being inconvenienced, that they would OVER-apologize and smile really big at me and wave as they left. I think I loved telling people to “get-out-of-my-spot” more than the spot itself. Wow. I must have issues with control.

  7. Greg says:

    Hahahaha. Is this the sweet Catrina from Burbank that I’ve known for about four years or another Catrina?

  8. catrina says:

    Yes. It is I. I guess I was acting like “Katrina”. (I use that excuse when I behave like a raging hurricane bitch from hell!):)

  9. Jenice says:

    The just keep getting away with it. They are crooks. It’s like the Mafia or something and all you can do is take it. That is why I wish I could live in a house.

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