No sound for you !

Posted: April 21, 2008 in computer
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No! No. No, no, no, no . . . Why this? As far as I know I’m not considered a whiner. At least no one has told me so. The people who really, really know me have described my negative side as grumpy, pessimistic and sort of angry with society but I don’t ever remember being described as whiny. If I am, please tell me now and I’ll stop that immediately. But only after this deliberate exhibition of foot-stomping whinery.

It looks like I’ve completely lost my audio device on this computer, meaning I will never, ever hear another song for the rest of my life. Also, I will never, ever be able to fully understand what’s going on in any videos that are sent to me for the rest of my life.

I hope that was dramatic and whiny enough. This does piss me off though. I don’t usually listen to music but when I need to hear a song, I really need to hear that damned song. This happens frequently and a simple system restore has always solved the problem. Not this time though. I system-restored the shit out of this computer over the weekend and still never got it back. I finally gave up on that approach and emailed one of the Houston Chronicle’s tech columnists. I was very surprised that he answered me in my inbox within an hour. I didn’t know how he responded to questions. My assumption was that if you were lucky he would address your question in his column. He must be one hell of a busy guy. From his response I learned that I am screwed. His advice was to visit the computer makers web site and re-download the audio driver. I don’t know who the hell made this computer. My brother-in-law put it together with scavanged parts a long, long time ago.

  1. kristiane says:

    Last fall I had my pricier laptop flake out on me. I went to Best Buy and bought a cheapy for 350 because I HAD to get some stuff done for a class before the repair to the other one could be made.
    Cheapy has never once flaked out on me. And now I have two laptops. I’d like to lie and say they are never up and running at the same time so that I can do many things at once, but they are. A lot.

  2. Greg says:

    I think that’s great Kristiane. If I had two computers I’d have them both running too. I want a laptop so much. I want one for when I’m stuck in a hotel or motel room. Watching TV, which is all there is to do after I read two newspapers to pieces, bores me to death.

  3. romi41 says:

    That friggin’ sucks! You NEED to hear your music, and at least 80% of funny youtube videos need the accompaniment of sound…*sigh*…what are you gonna do now???

  4. Greg says:

    I need to buy a brand new computer Romi.

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