Look, I’m at a computer

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

That’s because I’m in a hotel in Atlantic Beach, Florida. I had to re-check for an email one of my bosses insited he sent me. While I am double checking I thought say hi. No, he didn’t send it. That or it never made it to me.

I like it out here but it got off to a bad start. I missed my flight in Houston and got here three hours late. That ruined the whole day here. Tomorrow is going to be balls to the wall before I have to fly back. Two days work in a few hours before I have to get to the airport and head back home.

  1. kristiane says:

    Sir, we need to host a telethon to get you a new laptop. 😉

  2. romi41 says:

    That is quite the trip, hope it’s going well, and “balls to the wall”, I like that term 🙂

  3. maleesha says:

    I agree there does need to be some kind of fundraiser here to get you a computer. And I have to tell you every time I ever flew to Houston, I missed my flight. Im starting to think they should just move their airport to Oklahoma.

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