I’m home and back at my desk

Posted: February 15, 2009 in state, travel, work

I’ve been away for awhile because the last few months have sort of sucked all the energy out of me. Not only that but it seems that I’m always out of town. Not for pleasure but for work. Getting out of town isn’t a bad thing but enough of it can turn a natural hermit like myself into a computer hermit as well. I’ve been tired. I ran out of steam. I had nothing to say. I’m here now though. It’s like a wave. There are troughs and crests. I’m on a crest right now so stay with me before I drop in on this wave and eat the sandbar again.

Remember Lawrence Welk? I only watch TV when I cook and while I’m eating dinner. As I was walking through the “living room” of our apartment I turned on the TV for some background sound because Gabby isn’t here and it was just too quiet. The TV happened to be set on PBS and there they were: Lawrence Welk and his uber geek band. I actually sat on the arm of the couch and watched about 15 minutes of it in a completely slack jawed state. First, I cant’ believe PBS is still running this. Second, I can believe it because I know octogenarians are funding it. Thirdly, I saw some amazing musicianship and realized that if I still smoked the weed (notice the article laurie k?) that I would have probably watched that stupid show until the very end. TMI. I know.

This is rare: I had a very productive Saturday. I got myself out of bed at 9:00 and got to the tax office by 10:00. I got my taxes all “did” then paid my light bill and my phone/ISP bill. I’m all caught up except for Gabby’s contacts. I was supposed to call the eye place two weeks ago. Sorry. I’ve been very busy. Call UPS, CPS . . . Whatever it takes.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Name the movie which inspired the very, very last fractured sentence above.

I was on South Padre Island all last week. Sounds great doesn’t it? It’s a great place to be but I was just there to work. All I did was work in a pump room and eat seafood after work. I was on the most beautiful beach on the Texas gulf coast, practically Mexico, and all I did was work, stuff myself with seafood after work and go to my room and crawl into bed. What I really wanted to do was shed all my clothes and run into the surf with my rod and reel. It was too cold though. I would have frozen my ass off. The wind was blowing about 25-30 MPH the whole time I was there. It was enough to almost blow the door of your car off it’s hinges. At times it seemed the wind was blowing from the ground up. I don’t have long hair but what that damned wind did to me made me look just like Ted Kaczynski. Sans beard of course.

This is the island that I stayed on last week. It’s a barrier island. Rather than a dot out in the ocean, it’s a strip of island that follows much of the Texas coastal bend. On one side is the Gulf of Mexico and on the other side is the lagoon. Laguna Madre. We usually just referred to that as the bay. I grew up at the north end of this island.


This is the part of Texas that I am most familiar with.

I was tired as shit and sore as hell the evening after I installed our equipment on this new condo. After dinner I was sitting on the couch in my room and thinking ” what the hell am I doing in my room like this? I’m on South Padre Island”. So . . . I got up, took the elevator down, walked out of the building and headed toward the water. I walked down a sidewalk until it was blocked by a sand dune. I made my way over the dune and finally found myself on solid sand. I walked all the way to the water. As I was standing there facing the surf, the wind and the moon and having a deep, mystical experience, I had a very serious revelation. I realized that this beach is just like the one at home. I walked back to my room and went to sleep.


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