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It is 12:36 AM as I write this and technically it’s Tuesday. But in my mind it’s still today, meaning Monday. To me, the day of the week doesn’t change until I wake up the next morning. Midnight means absolutely nothing to me except the cut-off hour for buying beer.

Today I headed to San Antonio from Houston for my monthly San Antonio run for work. It’s a three hour drive there and a three hour drive back doing the posted speed limit of 70 MPH. After rolling into town I have seven accounts that need tending to. After that I drive to the tiny, ultra-charming town of Wimberley through San Marcos for just one account. After that I drive back to San Marcos and stay the night.

By this time it’s around 7:00 PM and I’m pretty strung out from all the driving and rushing to get all the accounts taken care of in one day so I can just get up the next morning and drive home. I walked into the lobby of my regular motel and asked if they had anything available that night. They always do but I’m just polite that way. They did of course but when I asked if I could get a smoking room she said there were none available. A construction crew that was staying there had taken all of them. In a way that’s sort of funny to me. It fits such a stereotype and it looks like I fall right in with them. This is a place with a lobby with an elevator which takes you up to your floor. It’s all inside. You can’t walk out of your door and be outside. Then I noticed a sign on the desk that said anyone smoking in a non room would have $300.00 charged to their credit card. Geez! That’s excessive for just running their own ozonator in the room the next day. I wouldn’t do that to their room (although I did do it in the bathroom at Harpo studios). So, I just told the girl I’d look down the street and that I would be back next month.

There are about six of these same type motels right in a row down the I-37 feeder road so I just went to the next one. Yes, they had vacancies. As the guy was running my company issued credit card he said it came back as “declined”. I said “Nah, that can’t be. It’s a company card.” He tried it again and looked up sheepishly and said the same message came up. He then said that their lines have been acting up and told me he would reset the machine. After he did that, same thing. I gave him another card that I don’t think I had ever even activated because my boss said to only use it if I really, really needed to and I can’t even remember what year that was. Before I handed it over I noticed it was due to expire in five months. Of course, that one didn’t work either.

Even though I pretty much knew I was screwed, I went next door to the next place for one last long-shot. Declined again. No surprise at this point. All three of them were very apologetic. Each time I pointed out that it wasn’t in any way their fault. I kept all the bad words to myself until I got out of the lobby and walked back to my truck. It lasted all the way across town to a convenience store where I noticed that my drivers license was back at the last motel. She forgot to give it back to me and I didn’t realize that I had walked away without it. Fortunately, I hadn’t gotten too far away. I went back to get it then headed back for Houston. Again.

This has never happened before. It makes me think that things may not be well at the office in Simi Valley. It sort of worries me.

Update: I really wasn’t expecting any comments on this. Thanks for your questions and kind words. I never heard back from my boss but on a whim I tried getting gas one morning on the card and believe it or not it was accepted. I then tried it again to send some postage and it went through. After that I used it for an oil change for the truck and another tank of gas. Apparently, the amex issues are settled. I had to figure that out on my own. No one told me shit.

  1. That sucks! I am eager to know what the explaination was for this LITTLE problem. I think that I would be worried too. It is right up there with having a paycheck bounce. By the way, you may want to start cashing your checks before you deposit them!

  2. Greg says:

    Hi Crystal. I haven’t heard what the reason is yet. I’m leaving that phone call up to the district manager and he either didn’t make that call today or couldn’t get in touch with them. Fortunately, I had a couple of other cards I could use today for gas. I have to fill the tank in this truck every other day.

    Cashing a paycheck before depositing it is good advice. However, mine are direct deposited every week.

  3. Okay. Just keep both eyes open.

  4. dailytri says:

    Now I’m eager to hear your follow up to this post. What happened when you got back and talked to the boss about the issue you experienced?

  5. Greg says:

    Hey there, tri. The boss is in Simi Valley, California. When I got back to Houston I told my immediate supervisor, my Dad. We work for the same company and operate the Houston branch. Just the two of us. He told me the same thing happened to him when he tried to get gas. He called our boss. The boss said he would look into it. That’s all he had to say about it. We haven’t heard back from him yet.

  6. maleesha says:

    OMG…that does not sound good at all. What a horrible way for you to discover the card didn’t work. UGH. Crossing my fingers for you in these crappy times.

  7. That is scary. I hope everything is well at your job!

  8. Sorry to hear that G-Man. Credit cards are plastic spawns of Satan. I had a Beall’s card once…college…and I was broke as hell. FLipped a coin to decide which bill got paid. Went into Beall’s once, in dire need of pants, I think, tried using my Beall’s card and the she-wolf bitch who obviously ate her young, took great pleasure in grabbing a Poulan Chain Saw I swear) and chopped up my card in little pieces. She was glazy eyed and drolling a little as she did this. She enjoyed this part of her job. I made myself stand there and take it. In front of other God and other customers…I wanted to remember that moment.

    And I have.

    I’ve always wished that woman Tetanus.

    Hope things are OK with the HQ in Simi.

    Call me sometimes,

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  10. dyncdiele says:

    Очень полезно

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