Empty nest – For a week anyway

Posted: March 13, 2009 in recreation, travel
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Today is the beginning of spring break in my daughter’s school district. She’s going to have herself some fun. About two hours ago she took off for Florida with her friend who just got her license. Yeah, she’s only 15 but “out of sight, out of mind”, right?

Alright, I’m only kidding. She’s not heading to Fort Lauderdale in a sarong. She’s going to Orlando with her friend’s family. They will visit Disney, Universal and other such things. Coincidentally, my other daughter (about to be 22) who has officially left the nest, is also going to Florida today. However, she’s going with her boyfriend and her cousins to see their grandmother, aunts and uncles in either Largo or Tampa (I keep forgetting).

Both of them did the exact same thing last year and a year or two before that the oldest went to see her grandmother, aunts and uncles in New York. Little jet setters. I actually travel more than they do but they do it for pleasure. I only do it for work.

At first I was going to say that not much changes around here when the young one is gone. But after thinking about it I realized that it actually does. Keep in mind that today is the 13th and Gabby will not be back until the 22nd.

There will be no friendly teasing (a daily sport here), I can make anything I want for dinner that we usually disagree on, I have to feed and water her cats, tend to their litter box, pick up anything they yak up on the carpet and feed her not so little pet lunatics, the turtles in the 80 gallon aquarium.

  1. Aaaawww. It will be okay. Do some things that make you happy. It’s funny that I say that because whenever I don’t have my sons, it seems like I can not think of anything to do.

  2. Scott says:

    I’ve been living in my late-grandparents’ house in Pensacola, Florida for over eleven years. There’s a big photograph-postcard I have, framed in my hall. It’s of a blue evening sky, with the silhouette of palm trees at the bottom, and a full moon at the top. It just reads, “FLORIDA”. But I call it “The Myth of Florida”.

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