Drama in the kitchen

Posted: May 31, 2009 in humor
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This is Jack and Andy. They are potatoes. Brothers joined at the hip. I found them at the bottom of the potato sack. As usual, they were the last to be chosen.


Despite their obvious handicap, they enjoyed a busy and what some may describe as a slightly decadent social life. They were popular with the other produce in the kitchen.

R1- 7A

However, there were times when newcomers to the kitchen would stare and taunt the brothers. Sometimes a crowd of children would gather and do the same.

R1- 5A

As you might expect, this often resulted in some unfortunate incidents.

R1- 4A

Jack and Andy finally agreed to consult their doctor about having themselves separated. It was agreed by all that this was a good decision.

R1- 3A

The brothers were understandably nervous before surgery . . .

R1- 2A

. . . but very brave.

R1- 1A

The procedure was a success and they lived happily ever after.

  1. G-man,

    You have a life, a pantry and a fridge that are just like mine. Lonely, segregated and lonely. Did I mention lonely twice? Third time’s a charm…lonely.

    Funny stuff, G


  2. I never play with my produce. They are cold and lonely in the fridge. The next time that my kids tell me that they are bored, I know exactly what to have them do.

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