Pit stop

Posted: October 17, 2009 in state, travel, work

My weekend began when I got home late yesterday evening. It will end when I finish this post.

I was working in San Antonio and the little town of Wimberley on Thursday. I checked in to my usual motel in San Marcos around 7:00 pm, went out for dinner and then returned to my room to watch Discovery Channel. That’s a bit of a treat because we don’t have cable at home. In fact, we don’t even have regular TV at home because of the digital switch. It’s ok though, we really don’t give a shit. Neither one of us watches TV anyway. But one of these days I will get someone over here to hook us up. This is where I stay one night a month.


Ugly. Depressing. I know. But, hey . . . It’s got cable!

I spent one lazy day at home and now I have to get back in the truck and drive up to Dallas tomorrow morning on a Sunday (my day off). I’m on salary. I’m not getting paid for this bullshit drive up to Dallas tomorrow. The reason I have to do this is because the suddenly overzealous boss, who works at home by the way, decided that we needed to be on site at zero-dark-fucking-thirty on Monday morning for me to install our equipment which will take me a full one hour and maybe ten minutes. I am so pissed off about this. It makes no sense. If I were in charge I’d leave at 7:00 or 8:00 on Monday morning, arrive in Dallas around 12:00 or 1:00, install the damned thing and get a room somewhere.

As ridiculous as this is and as much as it pisses me off there is one bright side. I’m taking next Friday off to make up for this injustice. I’ll have a three day weekend. Also, I never had a chance to unpack so I guess all I need to do is throw in a few pair of socks and some underwear. Hey, I’m already packed! See you when I get back.

  1. Romi says:

    That does sound incredibly unreasonable! But hey I hope it was a good trip that didn’t feel like too long! 🙂

    • Greg says:

      Romi, I suppose I was being sort of a little bitch about it. I just do not like working on my days off. It turned out OK though. We were comped in separate suites and I’m taking Friday off. Three day weekend!

  2. I love the unflinching. They’re just acting all haughty because they’re employed and shit. Uppity pricks.

    I still have your darts and need to give them to you. Let’s go get a beer soon.

    I think we probably have a few things to catch up on.

    I’ve been spending most of my weekends in the Hill Country, but I’m home for a while.

    Call me.


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