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Recurring topic

Posted: October 11, 2007 in community, miscellaneous

I have spoken about this several times before and I know some of you have seen it before. I’m sorry. It’s just something I have to get out of my system every time my patience level hits zero. I wish there was a universal font that was understood to mean “typing through gnashed teeth”. If there was such a thing I would be using it here. Right now.

The Lotto idiots, the scratch-off idiots and the 8-liner idiots all need their own dark, dank, depressing, smoky, windowless dungeons to spend their days blowing their money. Money which I seriously doubt they even work for. They need to get the hell out of the way of us dumb-asses who actually work for a living. I want them out of the convienience stores. I want them treated like third-class citizens. I want a rule . . . no, a law that says they have to take a position in the back of any line in a convenience store. I think they should only be allowed to approach the counter if the place is completely empty and if someone comes in for a quick purchase, they should step aside.

But, no. These people fancy themselves as important regular customers. They are the same type as broke-assed bar regulars who can hardly afford their next drink. The only difference between them and the lotto and 8-liner addicts is that the lotto and 8-liner addicts are usually in better shape to drive home after wasting their money.

I am so sick to death of balancing a bottle of water, a large coffee and a newspaper in my arms first thing in the morning while some dumbass in front of me who has nothing else to do is playing poor man’s casino at the register. And wouldn’t you know it, everytime I head to the counter with all that some fucktard always jumps in front front of me either from the Lotto thing or through the front door. And there I wait. And wait. And wait, while they play the lottery. I have a hard time feeling sorry for these poor, dumb people.