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Okay . . . Whatever you say.

Posted: April 3, 2008 in community

The apartment complex I live in was taken over by another management company awhile back and those that worked here were sent out to the street as is the norm for that cut-throat business. It’s not stable employment. The people (mostly females) that work in the apartment business go to work every day knowing that they may not have a job at the end of the day. I see it on a daily basis in my own line of work. I think that stress is what makes most of them the bitches that they seem to be.

For the most part the transition here has been easy as a tenant. Good, in fact. They are making improvements and upgrades to the property even though it isn’t needed in my opinion. It seems like they are so obsessed with cosmetics that they are neglecting the business end of it. Not that I give a shit and I’ll tell you why:

It seems that my rent just went down by twenty bucks. After hurricane Katrina, I couldn’t find a parking space anywhere near my apartment. I was having to park on the other side of the complex from my unit. I finally broke down and secured the reserved parking space directly in front of my door for $20.00/month. It was worth it. Now that almost all of the people from New Orleans have left I don’t really need it anymore. But I still want it. I still have it but for some reason I’m not paying for it anymore.

The company that took over this apartment complex doesn’t know a thing about the tenants. On the occasions that I go into the office to give them my rent check I am always told that I have credit. They tell me I’ve overpayed not just for the previous month but for many in the past. I tell them over and over and over and over that they are forgetting that I’m supposed to be charged for the reserved parking. They tell me that I don’t owe them anything for the space. Why then did I have a red parking violation sticker stuck to my window a few months ago. Why does nobody dare to park in my space? Fine. I give the hell up. I tried. I tried to to tell them that they were supposed to be charging me for this. Thank you for the free reserved parking.

Success or a shot in the foot?

Posted: March 27, 2008 in city, community

Matt Stiles of the Houston Chronicle pointed out today that because of the increase of red-light cameras here in Houston, red light citations have decreased. According to his column, citations have dropped from 27,000 in October to 17,000 this month.

About 60 percent of those motorists have paid their fines, resulting in more than $11.5 million in revenue. The police department has spent $4 million operating the system, including $2.7 million to its vendor, American Traffic Solutions. Another $2.1 million must be shared with the state, leaving a profit of about $5.4 million, records show.

I thought I read a net profit of about 4.7 million in the paper. Maybe I’m wrong. It doesn’t matter.

I can see a near future where the city ends up fucking itself by keeping these cameras up. Eventually no one will run red lights where cameras are known to be and the city will suffer from a lack of revenue.

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Recurring topic

Posted: October 11, 2007 in community, miscellaneous

I have spoken about this several times before and I know some of you have seen it before. I’m sorry. It’s just something I have to get out of my system every time my patience level hits zero. I wish there was a universal font that was understood to mean “typing through gnashed teeth”. If there was such a thing I would be using it here. Right now.

The Lotto idiots, the scratch-off idiots and the 8-liner idiots all need their own dark, dank, depressing, smoky, windowless dungeons to spend their days blowing their money. Money which I seriously doubt they even work for. They need to get the hell out of the way of us dumb-asses who actually work for a living. I want them out of the convienience stores. I want them treated like third-class citizens. I want a rule . . . no, a law that says they have to take a position in the back of any line in a convenience store. I think they should only be allowed to approach the counter if the place is completely empty and if someone comes in for a quick purchase, they should step aside.

But, no. These people fancy themselves as important regular customers. They are the same type as broke-assed bar regulars who can hardly afford their next drink. The only difference between them and the lotto and 8-liner addicts is that the lotto and 8-liner addicts are usually in better shape to drive home after wasting their money.

I am so sick to death of balancing a bottle of water, a large coffee and a newspaper in my arms first thing in the morning while some dumbass in front of me who has nothing else to do is playing poor man’s casino at the register. And wouldn’t you know it, everytime I head to the counter with all that some fucktard always jumps in front front of me either from the Lotto thing or through the front door. And there I wait. And wait. And wait, while they play the lottery. I have a hard time feeling sorry for these poor, dumb people.