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Maybe it’s the traumatic Monday delirium. Perhaps I’m just this easily amused. All I know is that for some reason this cracked me up so much that when I saw it I didn’t think I was going to be able to stop laughing. So much for that patch of flower bed. The poor machine trampled it to smithereens.


If you happen to be shopping for a gift for a young kid in the toy aisle, make sure you read the packaging. If it has movement and/or sound you absolutely must press the “try me” or “demo” button before deciding to purchase the toy before the kid opens it up and demonstrates it in front of the Grandparents or God knows who else on Christmas morning.

Seriously, Just what the hell were they thinking when they designed this?

I hope at least one person sees this. It took me about 20 bleary-eyed hours to create the 43 seconds of goofy crap shown in the link below.

Trouble Deluxe

Memorable Ding-Outs

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I’ve been listening all day to talk about the 40th anniversary of the 1969 moon mission. I heard everything from where you were when you saw it on TV or heard it on the radio to what it meant to you to how it made you feel. Of course, the topic of the space shuttles came up too.

This reminded me of the most unbelievably stupid comment by the stupidest person I’ve ever known. As he often did, he dropped by one day unannounced. I was watching coverage of the Columbia disaster. Believe it or not, he actually said something like this: “Well, you know when you’re going the speed-a-light it’s dangerous enterin’ the “world atmosphere.” As well as thinking anything else can travel at the speed of light he actually said “world atmosphere”.

What sounds did this guy hear in his head? It’s funny but then again it’s really not funny at all. There is a difference between being stupid and just being dingy. Occasional dinginess is even less of an issue. I was dingy in high school but no one thought I was stupid. I thought of some other people’s dingy moments that I thought were really funny. Here are just a few of them.

Jennifer- a waitress at a bar I worked at

She was just too young to be working as a waitress at a bar. The poor girl was so gullible. She asked a customer for directions. He told her how many “red lights” she had to pass before making a turn. Her response was “Well, what if all the lights are all green? I could just be driving and driving forever . . . ”

My sister

The biker bar marquis

My sister and her boyfriend were driving through a neighborhood which had many biker bars. She saw a little marquis outside of one of the bars that said ” No colors”. She immediately went berserk saying “I can’t believe what I’m seeing! What the fuck decade are we living in? That is just so wrong! How can they do that?” She calmed down after it was explained to her that “colors” meant biker jackets that show affiliation with a certain gang or “club” and not black people.

The chimpanzee

When we were kids in the seventies watching a documentary with our parents about a chimpanzee that was being taught sign language, my sister asked this question: “Aww . . . is he deaf?”


This is Jack and Andy. They are potatoes. Brothers joined at the hip. I found them at the bottom of the potato sack. As usual, they were the last to be chosen.


Despite their obvious handicap, they enjoyed a busy and what some may describe as a slightly decadent social life. They were popular with the other produce in the kitchen.

R1- 7A

However, there were times when newcomers to the kitchen would stare and taunt the brothers. Sometimes a crowd of children would gather and do the same.

R1- 5A

As you might expect, this often resulted in some unfortunate incidents.

R1- 4A

Jack and Andy finally agreed to consult their doctor about having themselves separated. It was agreed by all that this was a good decision.

R1- 3A

The brothers were understandably nervous before surgery . . .

R1- 2A

. . . but very brave.

R1- 1A

The procedure was a success and they lived happily ever after.

The Urban arts prof

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I saw this on Laurie Kendrick’s blog the other day. I really needed to laugh and this little cartoon did it for me.

‘Yes well, legibility and correct punctuation might not be “street” . . . But that’s how I roll motherfucker.’

The drunk dial

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is SO my ex wife.

I don’t know why guys in grass skirts show up at the end. It has nothing to do with this post. If I could take it out I would.

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