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Dear journal,

Posted: January 10, 2008 in life

Sorry for the lack of entries. Life sucker-punched me but I got back up and and managed to put out all the fires. I am back now.

A comparison

Posted: November 21, 2007 in home, life, work

Herding cats. Juggling frantic kittens. Trying to nail Jello to a wall. This is what our last two weeks have been like.


Posted: November 6, 2007 in life

Sara (my oldest) has moved back in. This happened Monday evening. She’s been through a lot and because of that I’m also affected. The two of us are mostly drained. She emotionally and myself mentally. That’s why I haven’t visited any other blogs or said anything here lately.

Gabby is thrilled though.

Alert CPS

Posted: October 30, 2007 in life

My sweet little doodoo-brained daugher loses just about everything she leaves the house with. It doesn’t matter if she’s spending the weekend at her mom’s, her friend’s, spending the day at her friends, going to school or just going out to the front porch and back. If she walks out the door with it, it’s a gonner. Never to be seen again. I’m talking shoes and clothes too!

Sigh. Toothbrushes. I should buy them in bulk and hand her one every Monday like I do her lunch money for the week. I could not even tell you how many I’ve picked up at the store in the last 13 years.

Well, guess what? She lost another one this weekend. I don’t know where the hell they go. This afternoon after work I stopped at a convenience store for the toothbrush because I didn’t need to go to a grocery store. I got what I thought was the best out of what they had to offer (and remember, it’s just going to be lost in about 6 or 7 days anyway).

She immediately flipped it over and started reading the specs. I don’t know why she does this but it sure revealed some interesting text on the back this time.

“So Dad, you’re trying to poison me?”
(Calmly) “Yes, I’m trying to poison you.”
“This was made in China.”
“OK, I’ll get you another one tomorrow!”
“But, Dad . . . ”
This is pretty much the way every week night sounds like at our house.

The kid had a good point though. I knew it too but was just messing with her (she’s tougher on me). This is what the back of the toothbrush package said and on my honor this is not only word for word but letter for letter and typed exactly as it was printed:

1. Oval-shaped brush hesd, it cam easily access every hidden part in the mouth for thorough cleaning. 2. Wave bristles: to clear away the crack dirt, result is special well, the bristles can achieve clean and massage your teeth dual efficacy.

Need I go on? Yes, Gabby was right this time.

Update: Tonight we were at my parent’s house and Gabby somehow ended up leaving her school ID and her key to our front door over there. See what I mean?

Ripping handfulls of hair out of my head

Posted: October 21, 2007 in life

Kids. Damn!

Glorious relief

Posted: October 6, 2007 in life

Many posts ago I mentioned that I needed some dental work done. I had an abscessed molar that swelled my jaw almost into the shape of a golfball. Then the same thing happened on the other side sometime after that. From then on, even though the swelling went down, I was still in various levels of discomfort. Anywhere from dull aches to throbbing pain. Whatever the level, it was constant.

I think my life changed yesterday. I finally got to the dentist and had them yanked out. Finally! That’s not all. I had five more taken out, all molars. I needed to. They were just waiting to take the place of the other two that I had evicted. I hope this doesn’t turn anyone off. It’s not as drastic as it sounds. It didn’t change my appearance one bit (not that anyone knows what I look like anyway). The only difference is that I don’t have my extreme back teeth anymore. I am comfortable with that and I’ll say why toward the end of this.

I couldn’t mention this without sharing the grewsome details with you. I arrived at the dentist’s office at 1:30. He’s actually an oral surgeon/plastic surgeon . . . whatever. Anyway, when my time came they had me lay on what looked like a large ironing board. Above was that huge light that I remember from when I was a kid getting braces. Not a comforting sight. The doctor came in and sat down without even saying hi. He then put an IV in my hand and the next thing I knew I was being wheeled into another room after the procedure. It was as though I was looking at that light one moment, then blinked and was suddenly in another room. An hour later.

That’s some serious druggage. Now I know why they require you to have a ride home. I was unsteady when I got to my feet as they led me to the wheelchair they used to roll me out to the parking lot. By now I was becoming aware of the state of my mouth. I wasn’t in pain but it was stuffed full of gauze and blood. I couldn’t feel my face and I could hardly talk, mostly due to all the gauze that was crammed in there. By the time I got home the drugs had mostly worn off. My Dad is the greatest. He hung around to make sure I didn’t walk into walls or drown as I took my first few sips of water after seven hours. He even went and got me popsicles (the only thing I was allowed to have) and an ice pack. I spent the rest of the night changing out the gauze and spitting blood. Sorry, just a fact. Gabby is the greatest too. She hardly let me out of her sight and wanted to wait on me hand and foot. Thing is, I couldn’t have anything but an ice pack. I went to bed feeling pretty ragged. The damned numbing agent they used never wore off. My lower face felt like Play-Do to my hands and my tongue was even numb.

Gabby woke me up this morning and asked how I was feeling. I was half asleep. I sat up in bed and as I became more awake I realized that I felt fantastic. I touched my face and I could feel my hand. I bounced out of bed and took a shower. I wasn’t bleeding anymore and there was absolutely no swelling which I was told there would be. I was also told that I would need several days of healing before I could get back to work or anything else. Bullshit. I was not only normal but feeling better than I have in twenty years. In fact, I felt like I was twenty again. How’s that for healing up? I’ve never felt better in my life. My mood even took a major upswing. I can’t help but think that those teeth might have been slowly and increasingly dragging my health and mood down. Good riddance.