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Below is a portion of an article I saw from a well known news source. My comments are in bold.

Painfully aware of the failings that led to more than 1,600 deaths during Katrina, this time officials moved beyond merely insisting tourists and residents leave south Louisiana. Ok. Good plan They threatened to put looters behind bars This just became a crime in Louisiana?, loaded thousands onto buses Should have done that last time and warned that anyone who remained behind would not be rescued. Fair enough

They were confident that they had done all they could.

“It’s amazing. It makes me feel really good that so many people are saying, ‘We as Americans, we as the world, have to get this right this time,'” New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said late Sunday. “We cannot afford to screw up again.”

What the hell is he talking about? America? The World?

Mr. Nagin, the rest of the world has it’s own problems. This isn’t a world issue and it’s really not the rest of America’s responsibiblity to protect your town. Try to keep in mind that you are the mayor. As much as we love Louisiana, it only seems logical that to “get this right this time” it would be you, Mr. Mayor of New Orleans, to do so. At least to the best of your ability. Another thing: Just who the hell is the “we” you speak of in reference to screwing up again?