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I really didn’t need that ten dollar bill anyway. It was only taking up space in my wallet.

I have wanted a digital camera for a long, long time. I just haven’t been able to get one because of the steady bombardment of bills and the even higher cost of of a 15 year old daughter. About a week ago I was in a CVS (it’s a pharmacy on all four corners of every intersection here in Houston) when I saw a miniature digital camera for $10.00.

Of course I was skeptical. I knew it was a piece of shit but I bought it anyway. I had hope. The specs were impressive and it came with a download disc and a USB cord. It does everything the package said it would do (including video) but the images are pretty much useless as you will see here.

My desk- taken from my bed

My desk, taken from the floor. Check out that bitchin’ wall map of Houston.

This is our monkey. His name is Lewis.

I make him pay rent but when he can’t come up with the money I shake him down. Literally.

He usually . . . Lewis . . . Lewis . . . ?