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Posted: June 7, 2010 in recreation, weekend
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I had the best Saturday ever and it did not include wine, women or song. I went to bed at a ridiculously early hour Friday night and woke up at an equally ridiculously early hour Saturday morning.

I was wandering around my apartment wondering what to do with myself. Then it hit me: “Go to the beach dummy”. So without checking the weather or tide information I gathered a some extra clothes, a few apples (wonderful on the beach), my fishing gear and just took off. Alone. Gabby was staying at a friend’s house.

I was estimating my arrival at Surfside beach to be about 2:00. Hell, I was there by 12:30. I stopped at the usual Buckee’s for some squid, shrimp, a couple of burritos and a fishing license.

This is the coolest store I’ve ever known. There are many and growing but to me this is the original. I’ve always associated them with the beach but they are springing up everywhere. They are known for their immaculately clean restrooms. It’s true. I’d actually eat one of those burritos I bought in there. Of course, I’d probably be asked to leave. This place is completely jam-packed on the weekends with super long lines but I happened to catch a newly opened register. Another thing: This store’s registers are manned by seriously cute girls. Every single one. It’s like the Hooters of large convenience stores. When I told the girl I need a fishing license she and the girl at the next register both tell me that I don’t need one. They reminded me that the first Saturday of June is a freebie compliments of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (game wardens). I never knew that or maybe forgot about it. I’ve just always made a point to be current after a 1980’s quail hunting incident where my friend went to jail for unpaid tickets and I was fined $200.00 for not having a license.

When I rolled onto the beach I was taken down a bit. The water was like chocolate milk. I wasn’t too down about it. It was my very first day out there this summer and I was actually just happy to be there. I baited my hooks and waded out into the surf. I stood out there, and stood out there, and stood out there without so much as a bump on my line. At this point I actually got a little discouraged. I went back to my truck and just sat on the tailgate looking out at the water. About this time I was surrounded by two carloads of people. One on the left and one on the right. This upset me because I go out there to get away from people. I’m not anti-social, I just like my beach time to be private.

I threw all my gear back into the truck and left. I found a spot about a half mile or so down the beach that was better. This is where I stopped. This is an acceptable comfort zone for me.

I baited my line again and went back out into the surf. This time I swam out to the second sandbar with my rod and reel above my head. When I was finally able to touch bottom again I cast my line out. I don’t think it even hit the bottom before something took off with it. I now had a fight ahead of me.

Getting back to the beach with something that big on the line and trying to do so without the power of one arm when you can’t even touch bottom is quite a struggle. But it’s exciting. And tiring. When I got back to the first sandbar I started working on reeling in whatever this was. It was an exhausting give and take. It stripped yards of line and I reeled back what I could. Back and forth. With something like this it’s all about tiring it out without it snapping your line.

When I got my feet back on sand, still chest deep in the surf, my reel self destructed. A critical knob came loose and fell into the water. I thought I was screwed and would never know what I had on my line.

Guess what? Not so. With my reel completely useless, I held my thumb on the spool and carefully walked back to shore. Once I got back to the beach started winding my fishing line by hand around the float at the end of my stringer. It took forever to get this damned fish in like that. I was like Santiago of “The Old Man and the Sea”. My hands are cut to shreds and I’m sore as shit.

Fortunately I had my camera with me and took some pictures. This Redfish was 3 feet and 4 inches. That’s 12 inches over the legal limit. Sorry TPWD. I set aside half of it for my parents and divided the other half into thirds for Gabby and I. Tonight I’m frying part of it.



I think I hate a biting mosquito more than I do an ugly three inch cockroach. You can trap and catch a filthy cockroach. You can even keep it prisoner and torture it. But mosquitos are stealthy and they are swarmers. They don’t run from you. They seek you.

My seasonal clock is ticking and it’s telling me to get back out to the beach. I spend many nights out on the beach this time of year and mosquitos are the only thing that will actually make me throw all my shit back in the bed of my truck and leave. Not even the lack of food, water or beer is as serious as a swarm of half-starved mosquitos. Usually, if you get into some wind they don’t bother you. That’s why I’ve slept many nights at the edge of the water and awakened with my fold-out chair half sunken in the sand with the surf moving in and out of my shorts.

The only thing more miserable than being eaten alive by a massive swarm of mosquitos is to be covered head and hair to toe in that nasty, toxic smelling repellant. I usually face the wind, shut my eyes as tight as I can, aim the can at my face and push the button. I cover my entire body until I’m either soaked or the can peters out. Being covered in poison is uncomfortable and not at all conducive to enjoying a night half naked on the beach.

My Dad sent me an interesting email today. It was, of course, an email that had been forwarded probably 500,000 times among he and his generation who love posting in size 36 font and changing colors every sentence. But it wasn’t another list of grievances about how this generation are all a bunch of marshmallows nor was it another fake numerical list supposedly written by Bill Cosby or George Carlin (in super-large font and in several colors).

No, this might just be helpful. It said that plain old Lysterine repels mosquitos. The mouthwash. The woman who initially sent the email cited several instances that proved it. She said that they put it in a bottle and sprayed it over lawn furniture, picnic tables, door jambs and each other. She swears by it. I’ll try it. Anything is better than Deet.

My dilemma

Posted: April 18, 2008 in recreation
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I’m not sure what to do about tomorrow. I’ve been trying to get to the beach for the last three weekends but because of my daughter’s role in two quinceneras, I’ve been stuck here. It seems that finally all the rehearsals and dress fittings are out of the way and I can finally go for the first time this year.

Here’s the problem: She said she wants to go but has too much Geometry homework due on Monday and wants me to go anyway. Without her. Well, shit. What now? It’s true that she procrastinated enough to get herself in this situation but I just don’t feel right going out there while she’s here doing homework. She loves the beach as much as I do. Then again, It’s not my fault that she waited until the last moment to complete her work.

This is a shot of the water today at 6:29 PM. How can I resist if I see that the conditions are the same in the morning? We both need a fix of fresh fish. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.

The title here simply reflects how I feel this time of year and it is a great feeling. I don’t hole up during the winter (I work outside most of the time) but by God, I don’t get out in the painfully cold weather on my offtime. No, no, no. Hell, no! The older I get, the less I can tolerate it. I understand that the degree of cold we get here could actually be a great day for those of you in the north (three of you are on my blogroll). But imagine what it would be like to spend an entire summer down here in triple digit temperatures with 90% humidity. I am perfectly comfortable in that sort of climate. I was born and raised in it.

Even without looking back into four years of archives here, I’d bet that I have said this every year about this same time. I can’t help it. Spring and summer is when I get my spirit back because it’s once again time to return to my element: Water. It’s beach, bay and jetty season! It’s the only time of year I will gladly get out of bed at the crack of dawn on a Saturday. Incentive.

I just recently started checking the beach conditions this year. I don’t bother in the winter because I already know what the conditions are. They are miserable. I already know that and I don’t need details. However, starting about this time of year and all the way into fall I keep track of the conditions over a super, super handy website called Gary’s surf cam. It’s a web site that has more information about current beach conditions than you could ever use and it’s also very damned accurate.

The absolute coolest feature of this site is what it’s name claims to be. It’s an honest-to-God live surf cam. The camera is mounted on the roof of a beach house located on my favorite beach here. It normally refreshes every 10 minutes, so you can get a real-time view of what the water is doing at any time.

This is why it is so valuable to me. My main purpose of being in the surf is to bring home fish. Gabby and I love fish. If the surf is nice and calm it’s almost certain that we will do well. If it’s rough and choppy the chances are very slim. A regular Saturday morning ritual is to pull up the site and check out all the conditions complete with a live visual of the surf and decide at that point if we want to go out there. If it’s calm, I’ll run out of this room in a panic shouting “Hurry, Gabby! It’s like glass out there! C’mon, c’mon!!!” If it’s not I’ll say “Umm . . . it’s pretty choppy. Windy. Whatcha wanna do?” On days like that we usually end up going anyway just to play in the surf but at least we knew what to expect. The water is now up to 70 already. I’m hoping to get out there this weekend.

This is a screen shot of the surf cam from yesterday so you can see what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, sometimes the image quality sucks, like now (maybe I shouldn’t be showing it now). It sometimes gets this ugly, green look. Maybe the lens needs cleaning. Normally it’s in full color which is important to me because I need to see what color the water is. That has almost everything to do with luring fish. Anyway, see that black object out there? It looks like the fin of a giant shark doesn’t it? It’s not. If it was you would probably be seeing the tail fin too because that is fairly shallow water. It’s probably something washing ashore. As usual, click on the picture to enlarge it.


[Update 4-5-08] After looking much closer at this, the object in the water looks like a reverse still image from the famous film hoax of Bigfoot in the 70’s. You must look really, really, really close to see the resemblence.

It’s nice to visit my hometown even if it’s only for about two or three hours. That’s what I did today. I had to drive from Houston to Corpus Christi and back. I had to deliver some work related stuff which was all I had time for (had to get back to pick up Gabby). If not for that I would have probably stayed the night so I could cruise my old haunts, see a couple of friends and maybe fish off the docks I used to work on (when we were docked).

It’s not that I can’t handle it but that’s a lot of butt time for one day. Not to mention leg and foot because someone didn’t bother ordering cruise control on this truck. Maybe it’s just because I’ve made this drive what seems like hundreds of times that I find it so boring. Or maybe it could be the fact that there is nothing to look at between Houston and Corpus other than brush, cows, horses and ranch or farm houses. I’ve said this before and I wasn’t kidding: The roadkill and highway searches by the state troopers are the only thing that breaks the monotony. I see a lot of highway searches where the occupants are sitting in the grass while the troopers are removing the entire contents of the vehicle including the backseats and who knows what else.

I don’t mean to sound like I dislike Houston because I really don’t. I like this city. I consider it my second hometown but I was born and raised at Padre Island and on Corpus Christi bay. It’s something I can’t get out of my blood which in my case is probably pure saltwater. You can take the boy off the beach . . .

The weather was so perfect there today. It was so, so beautiful. Driving over the harbor bridge and looking down at the museums, the Lex and the replicas of Columbus’ ships (on loan from Spain) is spectacular to me. Driving across the causeway over the bay reminds me how I spent my entire teenage years and early twenties either on or in that bay. Sometimes it’s hard to look at when I’m just passing through but I still like getting back home to my apartment here in Houston after a long day like this.