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My number finally came up

Posted: December 19, 2009 in city
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It was only a matter of time. It was inevitable. I’ve lived in Houston for 20 years without any trouble but that streak of good luck ended Friday. I experienced my first armed robbery yesterday.

I was almost off work. I had just one more place to go but I made a bad decision. I decided to stop at a store to get a drink. When I got back in my truck a thug jumped in on the passenger side and stuck a gun in my face.

Thug: “Gimme wallet!”
I gave it to him.
Thug: “What in it?”
Me: “Money” (I didn’t mention the debit or credit cards.)
Thug: “Gimme you phone too muh-fuckuh!”
I gave it to him.
Thug: “What else you got?”
Me: “Nothing.”

I thought he would just rob me and run away. Instead he just sat there pointing that gun at me and staring at me. I was just waiting for him to pull the trigger. He was thinking about it.

I was scared because it seemed like this guy wanted me to see his face. Even after he jumped out of my truck he came back and stared at me for a long time through the passenger side window before he ran off into an apartment complex.

I am so getting my CCL in January.