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Some time ago I found that my D drive will not read CDs anymore. Just as the insane do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, I keep sticking discs into the machine with hope that it will somehow work again.

So . . . after it didn’t work again I took the disc out and put it away (for later). After that, I forgot to close the tray. Several minutes later I rolled my chair sideways toward the wastebasket and crunched the tray perfectly sideways. I now know just how even the tray and the seat of my chair are. It made a horrible cracking sound and when I looked at the tray it was at about a 10-15 degree angle.

I wasn’t concerned about that as much as I was about what else might have been damaged. I would check that out but first I had to get the damned tray back inside the box. As expected the button was not pulling it back inside. This was probably not the best idea but I forced it back in with my thumbs. An equally bad idea was to push the button again to see what would happen. Needless to say it did not budge and then started making very scary sounds as it was fighting to get back out.

When that ended I went back to the keyboard to see how some other functions were working. I typed in a search. That worked but when I clicked on a link the Windows default mouse click sound immediately started going off at a rapid 4 clicks per second until I closed everything. I went to this blog and clicked on a link and the same thing happened. I definitely had a problem.

I decided that I had to get the tray out. Somehow. I used a pair of needle-nose pliers to pop off the covor of the tray: The one that says “DVD”. I then used a butter knife to pry out the tray while pressing the button. It came out enough that I was able to pull it out by hand. Now that it was out I tried a link again. It was the same rapid “clickclickclickclickclick . . .” Now that it was out and it was just a bare tray without the front cover, I wanted to see if it would slide in on it’s own. I pressed the button and it did! Apparently the the cover was what was keeping it from going in and out.

I tried a link again and the same thing happened. Then I noticed that my sound had automatically gone to mute. I unmuted it and tried another link. Still the incessant clicking. I resorted to the only thing I could think of and whacked the computer with the ball of my palm. The only thing that did was make the sound go back to mute mode but still clicking. I whacked it again and then unmuted it. Now the clicking was twice as loud. I gave it another whack with a little more force and then the sound tripled. This time, however, it wasn’t clicking, it was making a sound like a cheap alarm clock at the same intervals (4/second).

The sound could also be described as a security alarm. I was seriously worried now. The only thing I could think to do was give this old computer one last good old-fashioned fist pounding. I did so by bringing the ball of my fist straight down on top of it with twice as much force as before. When I did, that blood-curdling sound stopped immediately. My sound is fine and the tray slides in and out easily only now in sort of a zig-zaggy motion. Maybe now it will run discs.