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This was the quickest three I can remember. And it’s a biggie. One on Tuesday and two on Thursday of the same week. Two on the same day, two days later and with one being rather unexpected. Wow. That was swift. I do not mean to minimize what has happened here or to show any disrespect but I can’t help wonder this: Since the “Three Curse” swept through so rapidly this time, is the celebrity world exhaling in personal relief or actually more nervous now that three slots just suddenly became open within two days?

These are my short, personal eulogies for them. They are sincere.

Ed McMahon– The Tonight Show would not have been as we remember it without him. Maybe not even Carson himself. I’ll never forget his voice or that laugh. Especially his introduction at the beginning of every show. What a trademark.

Farrah Fawcett– The beauty from my hometown of Corpus Christi, TX was often babysat by my best friend’s Mom when she was a baby. Despite some odd behavior after “Charlie’s Angels” I never soured on her. Her work in two very good movies convinced me that she was actually quite a talented actress.

Michael Jackson– I have never seen a person move like he could. It made me question my eyesight. He seemed to be a hybrid of liquid and mechanical parts. I could watch that all day long.