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It’s nice to visit my hometown even if it’s only for about two or three hours. That’s what I did today. I had to drive from Houston to Corpus Christi and back. I had to deliver some work related stuff which was all I had time for (had to get back to pick up Gabby). If not for that I would have probably stayed the night so I could cruise my old haunts, see a couple of friends and maybe fish off the docks I used to work on (when we were docked).

It’s not that I can’t handle it but that’s a lot of butt time for one day. Not to mention leg and foot because someone didn’t bother ordering cruise control on this truck. Maybe it’s just because I’ve made this drive what seems like hundreds of times that I find it so boring. Or maybe it could be the fact that there is nothing to look at between Houston and Corpus other than brush, cows, horses and ranch or farm houses. I’ve said this before and I wasn’t kidding: The roadkill and highway searches by the state troopers are the only thing that breaks the monotony. I see a lot of highway searches where the occupants are sitting in the grass while the troopers are removing the entire contents of the vehicle including the backseats and who knows what else.

I don’t mean to sound like I dislike Houston because I really don’t. I like this city. I consider it my second hometown but I was born and raised at Padre Island and on Corpus Christi bay. It’s something I can’t get out of my blood which in my case is probably pure saltwater. You can take the boy off the beach . . .

The weather was so perfect there today. It was so, so beautiful. Driving over the harbor bridge and looking down at the museums, the Lex and the replicas of Columbus’ ships (on loan from Spain) is spectacular to me. Driving across the causeway over the bay reminds me how I spent my entire teenage years and early twenties either on or in that bay. Sometimes it’s hard to look at when I’m just passing through but I still like getting back home to my apartment here in Houston after a long day like this.