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Posted: February 18, 2010 in city
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This is just a snapshot of downtown Houston from the roof of a 10 story building in the Heights.

I like what I do for a living but as with any job it has it’s bad side. For me, right now, it’s the heat. Half of my time is spent in hotels or condos. The other half is spent outdoors.

In the latter case, after I’ve taken care of one of these accounts, I teeter and stumble back to my truck which has the oxygen supply and cold air. As soon as I get the air going and I’m able to breathe again I bury my face in a terry towel and aim the vents at my head and into my shirtsleeves. Then I usually hear the weather man or woman on the radio tell me that the official temperature for the day at that moment is 97 degrees. I say “bullshit” into the terry towel because I know it’s way hotter where I am than where they got that reading.

How about telling us what the actual temperature it is in the city rather than what it is out at the airports or whatever other distant locations they are taken. What good does that do? Why don’t they take a reading on Gessner in Spring Branch at 3:00 in the afternoon? In neighborhoods like that I’ve seen it get all the way up to 112 degrees this summer. If you add to this a lack of breeze and our constant 80% (or more) humidity and you don’t take precautions, you could actually find yourself waking up in a hospital bed with a saline drip attached to your arm.

97 degrees my ass.

Goodbye April

Posted: April 30, 2008 in home, office
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Earlier this evening I tore away the big April sheet from my desk calendar. I use those huge desk calendars from office supply stores. I like to to scribble notes instead of use a computer. All I have to do is reach over, grab a pen and make a note. After that, anything I need to be reminded of is right there in it’s square on my right without having to access anything on this computer.

I always make a note of future events by shuffling forward through the calendar and leaving a reminder for myself. Tonight when I looked at the events for May I was reminded of the Houston public library book sale. It doesn’t happen until the 16th though.

For those that don’t know what this is, this is when the Houston public library gets rid of all it’s unwanted books by selling them to the public at ridiculously low prices. It takes place at the convention center downtown. It lasts for three days. It always seems to start on Friday. That pisses me off because those of us who have to work during the week are not able to get first shot at some of the best books.

However, it’s not as crowded the next day. What I do is bring my travel bag. It’s huge and it has wheels. I just wander the aisles and toss books into it. I then take it to a girl who adds up the cost of all the books. After that I take it to the mean old woman collecting the money and pay the outrageous price of $40.00 for about 25 books. Then I wheel my books back to my truck, toss the whole bag of books in the bed of my truck, get out of dowtown and then stop for some appetizers and a few beers.

When I get home I go through all my loot.