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Today an AM talk radio show I was listening to asked listeners to call in with examples of “Things They Knew They Shouldn’t Have Done, Did It Anyway But Felt It Was Worth It”. They were giving away stuff; the better the story the better the prize. It made me think about myself and something did come to mind.

I doubt this is the best example but after remembering it I have an irresistable urge to share it with you. After the wife-turned-violent-shrew and I officially parted ways one Saturday night in 2000 I spent the night at our friend’s house and then stayed with my sister for about two weeks until I got a place of my own. Because I left so abruptly I had to go back to the house (which was in my name) several times to get extra clothes and other essentials during those two weeks. I always did this in the middle of the day when she was at work and the kids were at school. She had turned into Regan from “The Excorsist” and there was no way we could be face to face at this time.

One day while in the bathroom area where our closets were my eyes landed on the toothbrush holder. There it was – Her toothbrush. Suddenly, the devil took hold of my hand. I took it out of the holder and began cleaning the toilet with it. I was thorough too. I got the underside of the bottom lid, the upper part of the bowl, the inside of the bowl and most importantly the disgusting underside of the main bowl where God only knows what festers. I looked at the brush and saw that it was now a filthy, nauseating health hazard. In a very brief moment of remorse I did the right thing and washed it off by swishing the brush around in the toilet bowl until all the gunk was washed off. I stuck it back in the holder, got my stuff and left. Yes, it was worth it.