The Lunatics in our Aquarium

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

These are not pet store turtles. My daughter Gabby scooped them out of some lake around here. At that time they were about the size of a fifty cent piece. They are now over 6 inches long, not counting the head or tail and I have no reason to believe that they are going to stop growing.

This is an 80 gallon tank. That’s big. Chinese restaurant big. These two turtles are living a life of luxury. However, if they do get too big for it we will have to take them back to a lake or reservoir. I hope that doesn’t happen.

  1. Your tank is big…Chinese restaurant big.

    Loved that, G. Best line I’ve read in quite some time.

    And my how your tortugas have grown!!!!


  2. My son and I set up an 80-galloner for the caiman, only to have the blasted thing CRACK due to my dumbness in setting up the infrared heat lamp too close over a period of time. Ah, we live and learn, I suppose. So now we deal with a hissing reptile in a smaller tank that makes her all the more aggrevated.

    Hopefully the slider turtle will get along as a housemate for the Beast, as I’m running out of space rather quickly over here…

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